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Wed Sep 03, 6: Your hard drive has to do less work when your data is organized. I think this version allows you to decide which function you want to perform-- updating.

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Wed Nov 24, 4: How do I get it? I see you heplstrong your heads and rolling eyes. Anyone can see what videos you've watched, what pictures you've seen, where you've been online and more. The other two combined was a little over a gig.

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On a side note, I did a disk cleanup a few months ago and freed up like 40 gig. I cleared my cache yesterday night before I logged off. Every time you log into imvu temp files are left in your cache. Don't want to see these ads? Display posts from previous: I hope this is just a temporary thing.

Sat Nov 27, 7: Disk clean up is a good thing as is defragging occasionally. Well, I wasn't sure where to put this.

Tue May 26, 6: Thu Aug 07, 3: I had to delete all of it, going into the four cache folders: Clear Cache link doesn't work. Thu Aug 07, That's when I ran a full system scan, which I do about once a week, und this time paid attention to the files it was going through instead of walking off und doing misc things while the scan would play out.

Not even the option to clear cache works for me inside of the client under settings. Und it was over 4 gb.

My apologies for posting the link. Wed Sep 03, 5: Could explain my lagging alot. It seemed that clearing cache in the client itself wasn't doing a damn thing.

I use and recommend Hellstrong's cache cleaner. Danke guys, appreciate it. My hard drive is getting so full and I don't have hardly anything on it so please help me out with the detailed instructions Please. Could someone please post it?

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Remove cfl's does just that it removes the cfl's from the previewer you have to remove them manually from the IMVU folder in program files, Clear cache updates your product cleaning out the old history of hellstrongg cache.

I swear by Hellstrong's cache cleaner also - if used at least once a week, my PC runs a lot better for sure. I will just have to clean it more regularly then. Display posts from previous: I understand for every item I have will load in those four folders, I understand that every room I go to, everyone in the room, their items will leave a cache file on my computer.

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