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Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Can your machine handle the uptake in resources? If you are sick of this AI and want to replace it with something better, then this is well worth reading about — the mods available to you will give you a lot more benefits than you might imagine.

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To help you make a decision and to get you back on the runway with your AI controlled friends as soon as possible, we would highly recommend that you check out one of the two following options.

I'm guessing it will be UT3 or whatever they call it but I imagine it will be updated with new schedules, models, paints and of course schedules.

Either of these options can be the right one for you — you just need to decide if you want to make an extra investment or if what the still impressive World of AI can give you is going to be qir to keep you learning, improving and overall satisfied with the performance of your flight simulator.

Please post your comments below, they are very valuable. First things first backup your textures, gauges, sceneries, effect, addon sceneries, fsx. Also consider Traffic from Just Flight. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: I think this one compares to MyTraffic, might be a little better looking AI models. Is there any other Traffic add-ons I should consider?

Best AI Traffic Add-On - MS FSX | FSX-SE Forum - The AVSIM Community

I was trying to figure out how these ATC add-ons worked At the very least, this will give you a glimpse of what the AI traffic can be like with the right tools and mods installed. Tried others but definitely the best for me because of the fps friendly good looking realistic AI aircrafts and ground vehicles I like the user interface too: This program puts lots of nice aircraft commercial, GA and military in the various airports.

If you find frame rates dipping and the overall quality of the performance coming down you need to make an active change. This happened to me.

Need any help come back. It's just a question of knowing the limitations of each. Thankfully, an abundance of mods exist that you can get the most out of if you decide to give them a shot.

These old goodies especially traffic which I have already purchased for traffoc and which I have now scrapped in favour of fsx se my question is fsx se seems to have been put on the back burner regarding scenery ga etcetera when tarffic we going to be catered for now that we have made the big move to follow fsx se. Usually, this can be quite time consuming and lead to a lot of trial and error on your part. AI aircraft park in assigned parking spots, while scenery objects make the airfields come to life.

Flight dynamics make the aircraft models behave like the real thing, in the air and on the ground.

AI Traffic for FSX: Freeware & Payware

Ney Silva Wed, 06 May Every cent goes to maintaining our website. UT2 uses these rules to generate random tail numbers for each flight in the database. News Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Control tower has been added in to give you all the hl that you need to place a customized airport anywhere on the planet. Military AI Works provides a platform for flightsim developers to create, share and discuss about freeware military AI traffic addons. An incredible list of aircraft that also covers helicopters and other aircraft making sure that you get a nice variance in the skies instead of a select few like you can expect with some of the options that are open to you out there.

These are just my impressions so I might have got a few details out but that's basically it: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Tracfic article was well written but a little long, The aircraft were perfection in detail.

This adds a nice touch of realism to the entire experience trraffic for those who want everything as realistic as possible, this can be absolutely vital. It all really does just come down to a personal choice — do you feel like you have enough precision in terms of the overall flight simulation experience with just the freeware edition? MyTraffic PRO is still being updated and is very good by all accounts but it's a monster - something like a 10gig aor.

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