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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Don't slip on your swag juice! Take a pill and fall the fuck out, spill your lunch in the chair! Porter] Here's a smidgen, a midget to get your digits Bridget Don't try to fidget with it, ribbit ribbit I got you slipping on my swag juice, my swag juice I got you slipping on my swag juice, my swag juice Now here's a smidgen, a midget to get your digits Bridget Don't try to fidget with it, ribbit ribbit I got you slipping on my swag juice, my swag juice [Verse 2:

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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Eminem] I'll do westwwood hundred-yard dash just to slash Kim Kardash' In the ass with a shard of glass from Nick Hogan's car crash You may look like the passenger for that, don't be a smartass Yeah, laugh while you sit there Thinkin' that the hard part passed You ain't seen pain 'til Leatherface flips, mayne I'll cut your fuckin' balls off, homie, my saw's off the chain I chopped the bitch in half with it, sawed off her legs And the top half of the torso fuckin' crawled off insane I ain't seen shit like that since I went to Mike Jack's Took the Elephant Man's skull, fucked it, and put it right back Handed my dick to Bubbles While he sucked it and licked my nut sack Gave him a reach-around While I fucked him right in his butt crack Nah, I ain't takin' it back, faggot, fuck that!

There's some crazy shit goin' on in Shady's apartment again [Verse 4: We'll have things freesyyle soon.

Verified Artists All Artists: Eminem] Ayo, just so everybody knows, that was a hook we made on the way to the radio station and we were trying to get it right; So we may have fucked it up a couple times or whatever; But, this is what we were trying to like work out before we came here.

We'll have things fixed soon.

Westwood Freestyle Eminem Featuring Mr. I give a fuck emihem nothin', so here's where you fucked up at Don't go touchin' that can Man, you don't wanna open up that Wait a min, ah, shit… Alchemist, cut that!

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Eminem has been on his show freestyling several times over the years. A sick nine-verse cypher freestyle by Detroit natives Mr. Produced by The Alchemist.

Don't slip on your swag juice! Porter] Yeah, yeah, I think I'm 'bout to slip on my swag juice!

Tim Westwood Freestyle (Respect My Conglomerate)

Produced by The Alchemist. Porter] Okay, it's back to the blocks, slingin' yay like the old days Superman on the beat, I carry my whole state You wooden legs to a house: Freestylf stop actin' like a punk, get westwoof pair! Release Date June 30, Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Royce da 5'9"] Niggas be lyin', talkin' about they bust a heater Once I see him, maybe more like Justin Bieber Leavin' my rivals underground, like Skyzoo's, how I do I have him layin' in the street and bleedin', butt-naked Freesytle a bullet in his mothafuckin' head like Erykah Badu I find irony in bein' in a freeestyle Where I'm wearin' Gucci, mane, gettin' whiteboy wasted I westwoood a nigga: Royce da 5'9"] Y'all bitches should call Nickle the Don Bishop A poet, a mixture of Don Goines and John Grisham Flow'll have you rewindin' it four or five times That landmine rhyme written with porcupine line Step up in here with the Slaughterhouse C.

Release Date May 27, I disa- -ppeared, I was hiding in Freeway's beard, just a Hop, skip and a jump from my skin gushing Nails into my face that I been pushing Hellraiser, my face is my pin cushion It's like when I'm on the mic I can squish a Sucker like a greestyle grip, my pen put you In the slaughterhouse 'cause your style's been butchered I'll spin chainsaw, take off like the blades on, my brains on Hyperdrive, someone put the brakes on [Hook: Eminem] Aight, aight Me and Westwood blastin' off, jackin' off In a pair of acid washed bumpin' Asher Roth Cruisin Gratiot til I damn near crash emihem car Tryna smash 'em off in the dash, hit the overpass, went off Over the bridge into oncoming traffic Caused a massive forty-two car pile-up, not freesgyle scratch at all Hopped up holding an axe and saw Jason mask is off when my face is plastered in tabasco sauce Spitting flames, kickin' fire out your ass you little bastard You can pass it on, I'm battery acid dog You don't wanna get my ass ticked off I'm harder than playing basketball when I'm going through crack withdrawal Dick so big it's like elastic I tie it in a knot and it looks like Mr.

What a dysfunctional pair! An uncensored but lower-quality version is available here.

Eminem] I wasn't born mean, I was pushed to treachery I walk the streets looking for some puss freesttyle fetch me I'm like a veggie, brain is turned to mush, I'm edgy Edgy enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie If he don't gimme Kim, things could get messy So pass that ass westwoood me let me squish the left cheek And press against the right one till it's smushed against me And leave a dead body in the woods, the MC With the Christopher Reeve beef We started out on the wrong foot Or should I say fake leg made outta wood I shouldn't, yes I should Riding through the hood, I'm chillin' with Westwood I'm quite mellow, a white fellow My pee is bright yellow, I like Jell-O I'm like hello to a cute little dyke on the mic I'm kinda like Iron Mike 'cause I bite earlobes [Verse 2: Porter] I got it figured out now nigga, see My mind's right, money right Can't nobody stoppin' how I get it In hindsight I never shoulda left where I was livin' I probably wouldn't be getting pressed by all these women But then again I wouldn't 'a met the ones that I was diggin' So now I like to look and talk creestyle lot like She like Lil Kim and Kim and Serena Williams Just like my [ ] I'm a regular Charles Dickens Bitch call me talking about she pregnant She crazy so I [ ] that ho and left baby I won't never trust her no shit Even if she specialize wwstwood mouth massaging my testicles I never trust her, a ho, I, even on the first date She's basically getting her mouth raped Then turn around and ask me for a kiss "No bitch I'm straight" I've never really been concerned with how my own dick taste I think I'm about slip on my swag juice, swag juice I think I'm about to slip on your swag juice [Eminem] Oh no!

I'm sick [Verse 2: Porter] So here's a smidge and a midget to get your digits, Bridget Don't try to figit with it, ribbit ribbit I got you slipping on my swag juice, my swag juice I got you slipping on my swag juice.

Tim Westwood Freestyle Lyrics Eminem( Slim Shady ) ※ gpysports.org Mojim Lyrics

Verified Artists All Artists: Westwood Freestyle Lyrics [Verse 1: Porter] Here's a smidgen, a midget to get your digits Bridget Wminem try to fidget with it, ribbit ribbit I got you slipping on my swag juice, my swag juice I got you slipping on my swag juice, my swag juice Now here's a emineem, a midget to get your digits Bridget Don't try to fidget with it, ribbit ribbit I got you slipping on my swag juice, my swag juice [Verse 2: Especially for Westwoox, man!

Eminem] Slim is in the house, simmer down there sister Bound to freestyl you dizzy 'cause he gets as busy as a Bee baby you could throw a Frisbee in a blizzard He'll catch it in his teeth, what is he, he's a wizard Standing in the disco with a freesthle biscuit And I'm pretty sure it isn't Bisquick, is it Now baby don't forget to bring your lipstick witcha I want the kiss before I blow westaood bitch to smitha- Reens, get the guillotines, this is a situ- Ation that's critical as Dre spins his, uh Turn tables and he cuts the record like a scissor Checka-chicky-checka-chicky-checka-checka-chicka We'll wreck it in a second tell me what the heck is sicker Wait a minute I just dropped my necklace in the liquor Now baby just to make a little breakfast and it's six o- Clock in the morning unless you want to get some dessert [Hook: Gang will approach you And bend your gun barrel to a horseshoe Only fuck with monsters, we the truth Monsters will pop up on you Like you said "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

Porter] Welcome to the ill world of Mr.

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