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Limited, awkward controls and creepy levels where you don't know up from down are the main irritants that make an already difficult game maddeningly hard in spots. A few areas are so confusing that you can get stuck for ages trying to suss out what you're supposed to be doing and where you need to go. From here on out, it gets more and more unpredictable.

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It all starts when Psy-Crow, a renegade alien, has a close encounter of the wrong kind with another alien craft.

Reviewing the Windows 95 version, Maximum claimed "it's not only a damn fine platform game, it's probably the best the PC has seen to date. Compound that with the amount of damage enemies do, and you have yourself a severely frustrating game.

It's kooky and fast-moving, with an emphasis on jumping challenges over running and gunning. I would like to see an option available for head-to-head battle, where you could choose to play as either Jim or one of the boss characters.

If the player loses, a special boss fight against Psy-Crow must be won in order to progress to the next level. Jim is a normal earthwormuntil a special " super suit " falls from the sky and allows him to operate much like a human, with his "worm-part" acting as a head and the suit acting earhhworm arms, body, and legs.

No, not a talk-show host, but a worm named Jim who instantly becomes a superhero, complete with a rotary head and an alien-blasting gun.

With the best intro around and lots of new voices, EWJ: The game was released for the Sega Genesisand subsequently ported to a number of other video game consoles. In For Pete's Sake, run ahead to check out the upcoming obstacles, then go back and whip Peter Puppy forward.

In Heck, stand on these green gems and run to make them lift you to higher areas. I love the jom jokes and visual effects in this game.

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The game for PC was given a 7. The game's Genesis release was promoted with a television commercial in which an elderly woman tells a bedtime story about Earthworm Jim while eating live earthworms actually plastic props.

You guide Jim through ten levels with so many new and unusual twists; it'll take you more than a few playthroughs to notice them all. The whip move also allows the player to grab hold of, and swing from, certain hooks in the game.

Earthworm Jim HD Review

The SNES Classic may have a killer lineup of games, but here are 6 games that we wish were included in Nintendo's new throwback console. Also, two buttons can put a hamper on the options, but it's something you can get used to. Shiny Entertainment the programmers packed as much action and animation into each character as the SNES would allow, taking advantage of the whole color palette. This page was last edited ijm 23 Septemberat If you have played any of the Earthworm Jim games, you will enjoy this one.

If the player wins, the next level is started instantly.

Last but not least, if you look really hard, you will find a never-before-seen extra level! Latest on Earthworm Jim. The foregrounds look similar, but the backgrounds are sometimes missing, and the sprites are so small that they've lost their bizarre personalities. Special Editionand stated that "While a prepackaged, presold character, who's as cynically calculated for hip success as Earthworm Jim does rub us the wrong way, we admit there was a cracking good game to back him up, and this new CD version is even better.

Earthworm Jim

You will find icons throughout the game. Take on levels such as New Junk City and go for a ride through the tubes. Shoot pesky flying critters before you advance.

Third-party publisher celebrates bit console's anniversary by letting gamers vote on next vintage release on Xbox Live Arcade. Trip Runner also dated.

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This is one hot game! Earthworm Jim is just what side-scroller fans are looking for. The Xbox Live Arcade HD remake of the hit for the Sega Genesis is every bit as bizarre as its aged inspiration, although that isn't a good thing. The imaginative stages, the eartthworm characters, and the wacky plot are all here.

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