Counter strike weapon

It holds 8 rounds, despite being modeled with the shorter 5-round tube magazine. The in game model is also glitched, as it shows the bolt handle not being connected to the gun when reloading. Kevlar is an invaluable asset to have once the first few rounds have been completed, as it adds an extra layer of protection, and reduces the damage caused by enemy fire. At least you won't waste any ammunition if you die.

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To snipe, zoom in on the enemy, and shoot one shot at a time. The P90 is the ultimate sub-machine gun. The MAC retains its name because the company holding the rights to the name went bankrupt.

Primary attack will knife faster, but does less damage about 12 damage. Weapons deal damage upon hitting weapob player. A goof exists in the weapon's model; it is shown set to "safe", yet somehow fires fully automatic.

There is only one machine gun: Sniper Rifles, as their name suggests, are made for extreme-range combat situations.

The range, however, is short. While that spray-and-pray method can xtrike enemies from running through tight corridors and possibly land a lucky kill through a smoke screen, there actually is a way to get accurate shots atrike the Negev. Instead of firing a single hitscan bullet, they fire several hitscan pellets in a single shot, each dealing its own damage, allowing shotguns to achieve high damage at close range.

Weapon Packs

Rate of Fire determines how fast the weapon can fire. At least you won't waste any ammunition if you die. Source Official Box Art.

This increases the accuracy of the gun by taking out the recoil, so do that if you are stuck with a group of people, with no where to run. It is a very underused weapon, which is very deadly up close. Due to their strong killing power, their price is on the higher end of the spectrum.

A player's death will cause their equipped primary and secondary weapon to be dropped. This means that if you start firing for a second and then step out from cover, you can shoot about 13 accurate and deadly bullets per second, which can have devastating results.

If you fire the Negev for about one second, the recoil will even out weapkn you can line up shots as easily as other weapons.

However, its rate of fire is slower, and its power is greater. They are given on spawn and under most circumstances cannot be dropped. Although, this gun has a very large bullet spread when fired rapidly.

Introduced alongside the Arms Deal in Counter-Strike: Global Offensivejust went from the most expensive weapon in the game to one of the cheapest outside of pistols. Overall, some regard it as the best weapon in the game due to its high stdike and accuracy.

Counter-Strike: Source - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games

Condition Zero Deleted Scenes. The in game model is also glitched, as it shows the bolt handle not being connected to the gun when reloading. Entertainment Like Follow Follow.

The M60 was expected to appear in the original Counter-Strike but was cut for unknown reasons. It is powerful, has a high rate of fire, and good accuracy if fired in small bursts.

In either case the BBs the gun puts out always have the off chance of striking a foe in the head, doing near-fatal damage each. Every grenade makes at least one damage if you manage to hit your enemy with it, so there is a possibility to kill an enemy with a flashbang or a smoke.

Players need a fair cointer of money to be able to buy one, and they therefore typically only appear during the second round of a game, after pistols have been used in the first round.

Secondary attack is about founter as slow as the primary, but does 55 damage in every attack, so two attacks is a confirmed kill. While that may be true for high-level competitive play, where someone would hear the Negev's prefire and not walk right into its spray, the Negev has certainly taken over casual and lower-level competitive matchmaking.

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