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As you increase your passive income, the green color also increases. Perhaps this is also one of the inspirations made by Kiyosaki for us to simply aim for the fast track and escape the rat race. To know more about my passive incomes, you can refer to my website http: Basically, there are two tracks of the game: I just heard about this game.

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When you are on the fast track, you should have achieved financial freedom and your investments were so huge that they could provide you with huge passive income. I guess you just have to play casuflow game and experience it for yourselves. People may find it hard to believe that one can learn so much from a game and can have such a huge impact in life.

Be sure though to implement the basics and that -egame to buy low during the opportunity and sell high during the market. Your email address will not be published.

Top 7 lessons I learned from playing Rich Dad’s Cashflow 101 game

I will next play the cashflow e-game and I will write a post about it once I played it. I just Read the Robert Kiyosaki book and am very into online stock investing.

I can then use the profit later when they are enough to get bigger deals that can produce bigger positive cashflow.

If you are a new visitor, please start here to learn more about foreclosure investing in the Philippines. Secrets of the Rich: Try to search for it in the dashflow. And there will be a maximum of 3 babies in the entire game. It would be based on your net monthly cashflow in your income statement.

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I want to buy cash flow e-game, but it is not found in the list. It is broken down into two: After several successful real estate deals, he quit his job as I. And if you have enough passive income, you can now go to the fast track where you can now enjoy a lot of your dreams. Ans I believe CashFlow is all about building on a sound basis and has nothing about those who want to bankrupt the world out of greed, competition and short term gains.

Who would have thought that a game like cashflow actually teaches us to protect our investments from such disasters and calamities. Lastly, charity relies on the concept of the law of reciprocation.

After each payday, I had more money to invest, and with just a few passive income generating deals, I had enough passive income that exceeded my monthly expenses, and I was able to get out of the rat race faster. In Cash Flowinstead of small deal and big deal, it will ask you to choose between a cash flow deal and capital gain deal.

It would then be a race towards that goal against other competitors. Thanks for the visit. Applying this is real life is a no brainer. Markets serve as opportunities for holders of assets. I too was searching for this game, but noticed a new link on http: People now have less control over how their money is used and this control has been relayed to huge too big to fail investment banks, hedge funds and so on and this CashFlow game has nothing about Bank bailouts that happened twice in the last few months.

You might want to try playing it out physically through this gathering.

Play CASHFLOW® Classic to Get Out of the Rat Race

One of the biggest challenges one faces in the game is how to spot those good deals so that you can grab them. In this case, you will lose 2 turns and lose a portion of your cash to fund your needs.

So you got out of the rat race when you played cashflow I think I should read it over and over again. Take note that I only listed the top 7 lessons I have learned and I can assure all of you that there are more lessons one can learn from this game. This is also a good practice to know basic principles of accounting and auditing.

When you land in this option, you are offered by a buyer.

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