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Your opinions and any comparation would be really appreciated! I guess this was the first Ez Mix producer pack 5 or 6 years ago. Also, I don't get the 12 string simulator, it's just a chorus effect and doesn't do the trick in my opinion.

Music Education For Children. Everything is just there with no frills or unnecessary experiments. Offering complex chains that make use of compression, EQ, transient shaping and tape simulation, the Drums Toolbox is designed for getting drum mixes sounding good, fast Lead Vocals EZmix Pack Includes ezmid variety of effects and signal chains geared toward vocal mixing including compression, EQ, and other processors and effects to help get great vocal sounds quickly.

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Guitar Effects Buying Guide. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. There are no guitar amps in this pack; all guitar presets are actually mixing tools for already amped tracks.

They sound ok, can't remember anything special about them. Last edited by JohnPativens on Tue Apr 12, 2: Electronic Download Update Location close.

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Ambient EZmix Pack Collection of settings specifically aimed at creating large, reverberant soundscapes, perfect for use in atmospheric compositions spanning anything from motion picture scores to modern pop and a wide array of other musical contexts Amps EZmix Pack Features a wide variety of guitar and bass amp simulations in a variety of styles and musical genres.

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This email will include a product link and directions for downloading. This pack will provide anything from warm and muffled to edgy, modern and distorted tones — all the way from upright and acoustic to vintage, classic and modern. One mandolin preset stands out from the list being the only mandolin dedicated presets in the entire EZMix library, but don't buy just for that or you might be disappointed.

Bass Toolbox EZmix Pack | Toontrack

Amps EZmix Pack Features a wide variety of guitar and bass amp simulations in a variety of styles and musical genres. Maybe not an essential expansion to have, still a very good one with some "flaws" of its relatively old age.

This anyway makes toolbx very dependent from source material; don't expect "tone magic" on everything, but when audio source and preset match it sounds perfect i. Add to Wish List. I admit I wasn't very interested in getting it at first the magics of a bland packaging and marketingI bought it in Toontrack "Xmas" week at less than half price.

What I like the most are the piano and the background vocals presets: Most mix engineers would even agree to pacl being one of the hardest instruments to have sit well in a production. Haven't tried all of them yet. I've used these so far: Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

EzMix 2 Expansion Packs Thread: User Reviews - KVR Audio

Bought it cause I was mainly interested in its choir presets; I actually don't mind the most of them there are 5 but the "Choir Bright Doubler" preset is awesome. In conclusion, its strong features are: All times are UTC Delete cookies. A big part of what's left, comes from the Supertramp era: It often involves a long chain of effects such as compression, EQ, tape simulator and various types of distortion. Guitar amps are lovely, I like these very much; there are six of them including Vox AC30, Orange, Mesa Boogie ampscovering from clean to high gain guitar tones.

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