6 films to keep you awake

Fashion Uglyworldwide's Trail of Terror. Clara Macarena Gomez is a nurse, and expecting a baby, and is in no mood to drive with her husband Mario Adria Collado to a remote bad side of town to look at this place. Ana Torres Nieve de Medina. Gloria soon learns that not only is Ana carrying a torch for her, but that she also wants her to assist in providing secret abortions to boot. The kids discover an escaped female convict trapped inside a hole in the woods and rather than aid her decide to exploit the situation to their advantage.

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This site uses cookies. If you looking for 6 films to keep you awake then watch the whole set in one blistering midnight marathon.

6 films to keep you awake | Bloody Good Horror - Horror movie reviews, podcast, news, and more!

It's only a possibiliy, or at least that is what Juan thinks when he moves into an older house with his wife, Sonia and baby. Unconventional Christmas films have always been a favorite of mine, whether it's a film about a murderous snowman or an unhappy gingerbread man, I'm usually on board for spicing up the dullness of Santa and snow.

REC helms a delightfully twisted entry set at Christmas time in about a gang of five kids who dig zombie flicks and The Karate Kid who find a female robber in a Santa outfit trapped in a deep hole in the woods.

By Chrissie on June 17th, By Chrissie on June 24th, By Chrissie on July 08th, Only this time, her new friend seems a bit more real than others. Everything in the building is crappy; logic would dictate that a sane, normal non-horror-movie-type couple would never even get out the car after seeing the shitty neighborhood.

Movies 3 days ago. Subscribe to Get More. IGLESIA is able to inject potent doses of humor without diluting the terror as he peels back the wallpaper to reveal something akin to real madness. This gets pretty damn creepy, and the women are just sensational. BLAME is very similar in tone to the other productions features in this set. But is what Juan sees reality or fantasy?

Unfortunately what was shaping up as a near perfect film loses some major points for trying to justify its saga in a final scene that changes the entire context of what came before it. They decide not to tell the police and try to force the thief to tell them where she hid the stolen money, but this tactic eventually comes back to bite them with a vengeance.

While spying on her he trips and sprains his ankle outside her door, and Moira attends to him and he falls for her. You May Also Like.

Paco Plaza co-director of the terror classic. But the focus here is not on Christmas, it's on how to approach someone who has put themselves on the naughty list.

6 films to keep you awake

So, what happens to Estrella and her mother? A girl after my own heart.

Shameless Self-Promotion Short Stories. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This fascinating journey into the mind of a little girl who just may have seen one to many horror movies is a must see for genre fans. Redundant I know, but I find it's hard not to be overcome with jealousy that these films played on Spanish television uncut, while here in the States you have to shop for, or use Netflix to find this kind of material.

From the start they are sublimely happy, painting and wallpapering the dust from their aging abode, until they are given a box of used baby items, including a baby monitor, by friends of their parents.

Entertainment 'Clueless' is Getting a Remake. Directed by the talented Jaume Balaguero The Nameless. It's only a possibility. Like BLAME the film looks at judgment through the eyes of a Spain that has not accepted the social changes especially sexual mores that were sweeping throughout the rest of the Western Hemisphere at the time.

By Chrissie on July 22nd, In general, I do not like babies.

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