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Daylite allows you to segment or filter your contacts through smart filters. And we can get much more complex! Although it can send outgoing emails through your own server, Direct Mail really shines when you send mail through their own hosted service, as that provides you with scheduled delivery, reporting and subscription management.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Forms Forms give you a way to collect data that is shared instantly and cane tabulated into reports. In Makaluwe primarily use Daylite to keep track of people and companies, and their relationships to opportunities and projects.

Reporting Direct Mail provides extensive delivery and interaction reporting and statistics through a Mac app, as well as through iOS reporting apps running on the iPhone and iPad. It provides integrated management of people, companies, opportunities, projects, and tasks.

For example, some of our beta testers also signed up on the Rego website to be notified about the launch.

Since this article describes how we use Daylite, it only scratches the surface of everything the tool can do. Although it can send outgoing emails through your asssistant server, Direct Mail really shines when you send mail through their own hosted service, as that provides you with scheduled delivery, reporting and subscription management. Calendar Organize your personal and business appointments.

In addition, DMA allows you to link important messages directly to those objects in Daylite. With the ability to link just about anything to anything else, Daylite brings customer management to a new level. Direct Mail maintains a link from its group to the Daylite group—allowing me to re-sync at any time, and allowing Direct Mail to link sent emails back to those corresponding contacts in Daylite.

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Capture, sort, and prioritize your tasks. Among the thousands of contacts I have, only about are classified as friends.

Notes Create notes with all the information that you want to track and link important notes and details to each task. And we can get much more complex!

All that would look something like this: The Daylite clients maintain a local copy of the server database and periodically sync themselves. Our company does client work, and we also sell products like RaceSplitterRego and my Money for Something book.

View your team's calendar to easily schedule meetings. Flexible Task Lists The ability to create sub-tasks and further delineate your to do list is huge. Serial, segmented mailing In announcing Rego, I wanted to send different emails to different types of contacts.

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Filters Filter tasks for a focused workflow, more time to work, less time to worry. An important component of the Daylite architecture is the Daylite Mail Assistant DMA —a plug-in for Apple Mail that integrates with the Daylite client—allowing you to create new contacts, companies, opportunities, projects and tasks directly from within Mail. Unknown means we for whatever reason have them as a contact, but have never had a conversation with them perhaps they were copied on some client daylihe to us.

Classifying contacts by keyword Daylite allows you to add any number of keywords to your contacts. Daylite allows you to add any dylite of keywords to your contacts. In the above example, we first announced Rego to our beta testers, and then converted that Group to a Blacklisted group, to ensure that when emailing our Signups, none of our beta testers would caylite receive that email. Daylite is not just another old CRM, but rather relationship management reimagined and refined.

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To help spread the word about the recent launch of Rego —an iPhone app for bookmarking locations—we wanted to send an email announcement to our contacts. The Daylite clients are smart enough to detect whether they need to connect to the server over the local network, or over the internet. Why is relationship so important? Unlike many others, Daylite is crafted for your Mac desktop as well all your iOS devices, giving you the ability to stay in touch wherever you might find yourself, with or without connectivity.

This article introduces these tools and describes how we use them. Personal might need some explanation. The Daylite server will automatically configure modern routers to provide the necessary external access. With daylite, you can organize your tasks and even have all the information needed for those tasks, available when you need it.

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