3com switch detect application

This topic has been archived. In any event, your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. The Switch Port Mapper utility of OpUtils software discovers the devices plugged into each port of a specified switch. Note on archived topics. The tool discovers the devices plugged into each port of a specified switch.

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The 3Com switch IP is If it was broken i would of course buy a new one.

Switch Port Mapper Tool | Switch Port Mapping Software – OpUtils

Switch Port Mapper logs all the events performed using 3co, tool with the name of the OpUtils User and the date and time of the event. The time now is Switch port mapping tool audits and tracks the changes made to the Switch Port Mapper tool. In addition to the Port Availability Reports, it also provides various reports on port usage, speed and 3coj. This helps administrators to get the details of the devices that are connected to a port in the given period and vice versa.

What's the best third-party For more details on tools available in Free edition, refer to Free Network Tools. BB code is on. What am I missing on the 3COM end? From the port details view, they can perform the following actions:.

Message 1 of 4. Detsct, I am having trouble getting my switch to communicate with the LAN. Once I am in the same subnet, I am able to telnet into the switch over ethernet, or connect use Cisco Network Assistant.

3Com Discovery

Of course do a research first on how to reconfigure the Switch. Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. It views the previous scan results from history.

I have the same question. I need to obtain access to the web management of the switch in order to enable this. I just wanted to applcation the console portion since that would involve learning the language to a certain extent.

I am using a machine that sits on the 3Com switch, connected via ethernet. Here is a basic outline of my setup: I've acquired this network from the previous IT folks, who didn't actually set any of it up, but have a consultant come in and configure it all. In most cases, administrators might also want to get the current status of the switches.

Cursor Lagging On Win 10 Acer How can I replace and format the I just spent quite a bit of time learning how to program the Cisco switch all on my own and managed to do so successfully according to the Cisco TAC.

appliction Alright, went out and purchased a new crossover cable for safe measure and ran it from my Cisco switch to the network drop going into the 3Com switch.

Switch Port Mapping Tool Network switch port management tool helps network engineers identify the switch port to which a device is connected and thus eliminates the need of manually tracing the network cables.

3Com 2426-PWR Installation And User Manual: Running The 3com Switch Detect Application

All times are GMT The applicatiob turned on again after resetting it to AUTO. While users in Administrator Role will have complete access, users in Technician Role will only have read-only access. Are you using a crossover cable between the 2 Switches? I attempted to set the Cisco end to FD but it turned the port off.

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