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If you can afford it, please consider pledging a higher tier for "full" Beta access Less. Do you imagine being a caped crusader? Nobody knows where The Legion came from originally, only that they travel from solar system to solar system, in hopes of finding a species that can compete with their incredible might.

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He helps Charlie on various missions given by Mr. YOU can work with our writers and developers to decide that happens on your holiday.

Hero Rising - Dracon Interactive

Nobody knows where The Legion came from originally, only that they travel from solar system to solar system, in hopes of finding a species that can compete with gero incredible might. Is it unique for for you, or limited-sale for anyone to wear with pride Final stats of the card will be set by the devs to match game balance.

The largest one is that some things may take longer than expected. Hall originally hired with the intention of bettering the world. Retrieved from " http: Sign In Don't have an account? Plus 2 Gamma codes, access to the backers-only forum, and Backer-Only attack, movement, and defense powers when the game launches.

The creator of the game whose avatar resembles rsing and needs no gadgets like many of the other players. Effects in certain people Kickstarter only lets you "officially" choose one reward, but we're happy to give you as many rewards as you pledge for.

A form of play or sport, esp. If a planet fails to meet their irsing, that planet is vaporized. Your choices will influence the equipment and powers available to your hero. We release new equipment, weapons, missions and other content every week, new competitions almost daily, and the main event: Clan Wars every month or two.

Heroes Rising by Nick Shapiro — Kickstarter

Including all the add-ons. If a player figures out a killer combo that the developers didn't anticipate, well then, good for them!

The seventh best player in the world. The world needs more heroes. Fate soon reveals that there is a higher purpose for their attraction. With the last push from this Kickstarter, we're confident we'll be able to deliver the game you crave. He later used the game in Run, Aaron, Run, to send Charlie the first of many messages that would lead him to Emma. A permanent annual holiday will be added to the game, in your honor, to be celebrated by everyone, every year.

Reward no longer available 14 backers.

Aaron Stone Hero Rising Game. Vas is the fifth best player in the world.

The Beta might be a bit crazy! The beginnings of life on the planet, when single-celled organisms sprang into life, churning in the oceans. You enter Heroes Rising as a gifted hero with only basic training and skills.

Frankly, we can't wait to watch!

Hero Rising: Part 1

To enable themselves to breathe and function normally, The Legion began terafomring the planet with risig particles called Morphons.

This will be a permanent part of the game. Reward no longer available 4 backers.

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