Blue orchid white stripes

You got a reaction You got a reaction didn't, you? General Comment W00T new stripes song, the guitar is great. Jack White Meg White.

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Blue Orchid was the name of a Russian-run child pornography organization. My guess is that he's really into this girl and does nice things for her like gives her flowers and even kisses her, but she acts oblivious that ahite interested in her.

This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat He asks her how old she is because she's acting immature, or at least really naive, which is also like how a child would act. Don't be so immature.

Blue Orchid

He ties to do all these things to show her how he feels, but she just doesn't accept them for what they are, that's why there is no pleasing her and why she thinks that he's just teasing joking with her.

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I don't completely get how the lyrics work into this but it seems like something Jack would care about because of his whole interest in childhood innocence. More The White Stripes Lyrics. So in my opinion the white orchid symbolises the gift of music that was given to the audience. I'm sure it's his art and privacy. How dare you How old are you now, ogchid The line, "You took a white orchid and turned it blue" indicates that the children are pure and these people abused them, leaving them "blue" for the rest of their lives.

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! This ties right in with the ongoing theme of losing purity throughout this song. Articles with hAudio microformats Singlechart usages for Denmark Singlechart usages for France Singlechart usages for Dutch Singlechart usages for Norway Singlechart usages for Sweden Singlechart usages for UK Singlechart called without artist Singlechart called without song Singlechart usages for UKindie Singlechart usages for Billboardhot Singlechart usages for Billboardalternativesongs Singlechart usages for Billboardmainstreamrock Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references.


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Retrieved 25 May What turns the orchid blue is her attitude. It is the first track on the second disc of the album. This article needs additional citations for verification. Go to hell you media and pseudo-fans! However, the music is not enough for media and fans who want to know everything about musician's private life, corner him, want stripex have everything given on a plate.

Although this happened a long time after he had written this song, I sense the same anger and see similar statements. Elsewhere, the song was a top 20 hit in Denmark and Norway. The video for "Blue Orchid" was on Yahoo!

Who's A Big Baby? You're given a flower But I guess there's just no pleasing you Your lips tastes sour But you think that it's just me teasing you You got a reaction You got a reaction, didn't you? General Comment I was looking up "blue orchid" on google and found a bunch stripfs articles about "The Blue Orchid Case" which was an investigation and arrest of a group of Russians involved in this worldwide child pornography ring.

The second CD version whiet 'Jack' on the left. Views Read Edit View history. You took a white orchid You took a white orchid turned it blue [Verse 2] Something better than nothing Something better than nothing, it's giving up We all need to do something Try to keep the truth from showing up [Chorus 1] How dare you How old are you now, anyway?

You got a reaction You got a reaction didn't, you? The "you took a white orchid and turned it blue" would make sense meaning the child is pure and these people abused them and left them 'blue' or mentally disturbed for the rest of their lives.

The reaction she got was either him being into her, or him being mad and frustrated because she doesn't return his interests. Live, the sound is produced by a bass-rich guitar tone, used in combination with Whammy Pedal and the Boue to create the heavily metallic sounding breaks of the song "How dare you, how old are you now anyway" and "get behind me, get behind me now anyway".

I think we all agree that the song is about thoughtless devastation of something valuable and pure. How dare you How old are you now, anyway?

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