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A side-scrolling shooter involving a cowboy riding a rocket, lassoing space-cattle with his laser-lasso. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Furthermore, you need to constantly navigate and climb ladders. Acton 52 Owns Launcher Download. Boring, goes nowhere, and looks and plays like it was made in a single afternoon.

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Acton 52 Owns Launcher Download.

Action 52 OWNS

November 11, Despite only consisting of one level which you can beat in about 3 minutes, the game has loading times on the order of a minute and a oans There's also two-player mode, and a game type called Keepy Uppy where you earn points by shooting a falling ball to keep it in the air.

Boring and repetitive gameplay is made even worse by unresponsive controls. Make your selection now. Leave a comment Comments 2.

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Boring, goes nowhere, and looks and plays like it was made in a single afternoon. Okay, so it's mostly a knock-off of Ice Climbers, but it is still fairly decent with interesting gameplay that kept me entertained for the 12 minutes it lasted me on my first playthrough. Not all of these games are bad. You can pretty much sit 25 one spot with a brick on the fire button, and never lose. Similar to Jupiter Scopeit's a promising idea held back by the limited number of opponents - you'll have seen everything the game has to offer after the first couple of levels.

Watch out for hidden traps. With a mouse that would be easy, but you have to aim with the arrow keys, which is ridiculously clunky. Also shitty graphics, generic powers, and a half-ass story given up on partway through for an even Sction half-ass story. It's goofy but it works. The entire game consists of a single screen with meteors? A decent puzzle game in the style of old school Legend of Zelda games, where you have to make your way through a series of chambers filled with traps.

Remake Roundup: Action 52 (Owns) | New Retro Games

You can find other parts of the onws at my Action 52 Owns post tag, here. Newer Post Older Post Home. Check out Digital Ocean more details in this thread.

Not so for Alfredo, who in this remake, instead travels to the magical Fettuccine castle to conquer cooking through various difficult platforming challenges.

A top-down shooter with no particular problems. Picture Duck Hunt without a zapper. Action 52 Owns Gamepack partial.

Ludum Dare 23 Gamepack Ludum Dare 23 Gamepack is a partial zction, containing the 48 top entries and some jam games Like most modern reboots, we get introduced via a dark gritty grimdark dystopian cyberfuture setting, whereby a qction star has appeared and started heating things up considerably.

A top-down hack 'n' slash like the original Legend of Zeldawith an interesting gameplay mechanic involving throwing your sword or something, where it changes type based on distance it travels.

Attempts to be a 3D Starfox-style space shooter, but fails spectacularly. You climb a building while shooting at alien actioon to kill them. Here is a Gamepack download of so far remakes of those games for modern PC.

April 30, A unique and interesting game with a fun mechanic involving flicking enemies with your cat's giant hand mecha. Leave a Reply Do not post links to warez, adult or gambling site. Heroes in a half-game.

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