Guild wars 2 stress test

Subsequently, characters would receive a set of five skills to use and had their affinity changed to hostile, allowing them to attack unaffected characters. Unlock the one you enjoy more and then use it to unlock the second one later at your pace while playing a specialization you enjoy. Guildwars2 subscribe unsubscribe , readers 3, users here now Anniversary flairs: Wait until release like everyone else?

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It might not be a break the server with population stress test gw2 has been running fine for years and HoT didn't have problems.

Man it was so funny when someone did that and cause the whole wvw map to crash during the spec weekend.

ArenaNet announced on the 14th of December,that closed beta testing would start on that Friday, the 16th. Game companies not properly stress testing their own servers before a game launches is not a problem?

Seems a good way to waste my money and time. Thanks for the info. Isn't being able to try out a part of the expansion for free, weeks before its release, a reward in streds Yeah no thanks, I won't be participating.

Make the regular character with that name now to "reserve" it? It's just as pointless as any other hobby when you break it down. Or they can actually hire people to properly stress test their servers.

Although invited players were covered by the NDA, individual publications were cleared to release relevant media beginning on March We've got a guide for you as well! Yeah, they currently work as real teleports, not shadowsteps.

Give me gems for logging in and stress testing the servers and I'll be there. I am getting on him but I want to decide which I prefer. Guild Wars 2 entered the beta testing stage in December Run 10 or 20 map instances on the same hardware server, warrs starting story instances. If ANet had a normal server structure, it wouldn't make too much sense.

I'm pretty sure that gyild made the same sort of comment the last time. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Plus, we're talking about real-world conditions for the Stress Test they are asking shress no simulation can top that.

The test in February was the first widely-publicized closed beta; various members of the media were invited to take part.

Guild Wars 2 is running another Path of Fire stress test on Thursday

Public stress tests were open to all players who have pre-purchased a copy of Guild Wars 2. If you pay nothing, you get nothing.

Among other things, yes. Good point, they should have to pay for being in the stress test.

That said HoT hp train got me there in one sitting. If you enjoy earning rewards in a game, great.

Path of Fire Stress Test September 7 : Guildwars2

On the 22nd of February, ArenaNet offered players the opportunity to register to participate in future beta events; they received over 1 million applications in a little over 48 guilv. Looking at the new maps a bit more? They focused on collecting data about server performance and testing stres to the game's infrastructure. You can allow the raptor to jump normally and use a different control for its ranged leap.

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