Danny macaskill way back home

Skills at a very high level. If it is unable to determine exactly what model he has, could you guys please tell me a rough estimate how much a bicycle that can handle such jumps would cost? It can't be real.

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The segment on the water mains blew my mind.

Waiting for the redirectiron

BrandonGreenawalt Apr 27, at 8: Well, now I know I'm a giant wuss bag. If it is unable to determine exactly what model he has, could you guys please tell me a rough estimate how much mzcaskill bicycle that can handle such jumps would cost? Koshak Nov 16, at Jnewnes Nov 16, at Guess I will just have to watch it again.

Will we see him at the next Rampage?

I am sure someone can correct me on this, however, the mainstream brands do not really create anything that comes near to what you get with an Inspired trials bike.

SupremeDork Nov 17, at 8: Dalmando Nov 17, at ChocolateRider Nov 16, at Mission, you may want to see what your nearest LBS has, chances are that they may have someone working there that knows their stuff and has passion for it.

Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" •

PlumStickMagnus Nov 16, at The last time Scottish street trials pro Danny MacAskill put a full video part online it got more than 21 million views on YouTube, got the Band of Horses song "Funeral" stuck in everybody's heads across the whole damned world, and gave Inspired Bicycles more free press and new business than they bargained for. Is there any way to see how many views it gets? And then I saw the grass bank and the wall and thought I could maybe jump homs there one day.

Red BullShort Film Tagged: Old Norse word derived from part of Danny Macaskill's name and for obvious reasons.

Full details on his rig: Thanks for asking this question - I have enjoyed a few of Danny MacAskill's videos since. Danny MacAskill, you're a legend! Bicycles Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

Add to Favorites Added to Favorites Views: Im So proud he's from skye it was an amazing video with some of the most spectacular,amzing riding and stunning locations i've ever seen. Motornaxc Nov 16, at Danny is my new God!

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It's after effects, i has to be PedroGelio Nov 16, at Post as a guest Name. So we all though we could ride a bike.

But non the less, RAD! Takk Nov 17, at 2: They aren't exactly what he's riding, but they are at least somewhat comparable in components and setup, and these are affordable.

Did anyone else say, WTF, out loud on that first flip, and then get a wierd look from the other people in the room?

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