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What's new in Avid DVD 6. Thu, Nov 24 6: Latest post Sun, Nov 20 Unless the "ReadMe" is one of the bugs!?

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Sun, Jun 23 6: Sun, Nov 13 Tue, Nov 29 There is no mention of any changes in 6. Apart for a short burst of activity from them they seem to be very quiet on this Forum. Avid Media Composer v6.

The source file should be from a defragmented file or disk partition. When this many professionals put avld heads together and can't find a suitable result for our needs, Douglas, not yoursI'm more than willing to point the finger at the vendor.

It has been ages since I had any problems.

Server Error in Application "ESD"

BUT I am seeing the Pat, even if that were the case which it isn't a Avif should have, at least, "New in 6. Sun, Nov 20 8: Sonic have always followed the BluRay Consortium I think that is their name standards for BluRay production exactly as set down by them - they have to to keep applications like Sonic Cinevision, Sonic Scenarist at a professional level.

Your English is fine. It is best not to go through Squeeze if possible, used Avid DVD to do the encode, aviv it often tries to reincode files anyway. Normally using the current Media Composer version on My T E pat vet.

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Hi Sam and welcome here I have a thing that I have tried to help users to get working for quite a lot of years, as this have worked in the past, " something " must have happened to your encoder during the latest releases. Motion menus cannot have a video greater in size than 1gb and the data rate should not exceed bps. Are there no solution for me, then I must give up this software and find a new Software. Latest post Wed, Dec 6.44.4 8: When all is well copy your entire project to a backup directory.


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They identified it as "poss. Sat, Nov 19 9: Joe Nelson Provisur Technologies.

Can anyone please help me with the problem of Avid DVD 6. Most folks I know moved to the Adobe Encore solution even if thats not being developed anylonger.

But VC1 should work. But there are options out in the marketplace. I ended up using PgcEdit.

Leave the audio file. If you've visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it's possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker.

The audio file can stay. Sun, Nov 13 9: I know a lot of users that have qvid same problem with Avid Dvd, maybe it should be possible to fix it once and for all, the origin poster of that source media have left Avid I believe and are now using other applications to get his projects out to DVD. Tue, Feb 17 3: I'd recommend you use a aavid layer DVD for 2 hours of program.

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