2083 a european declaration of independence

Jim Morris rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Please verify your birth date to continue. After this, the log goes into detailed day-to-day entries for the run-up to his attack, including detailed accounts of labour-intensive explosives preparation. So I think it is worth looking at his beginning and see what it represents. Address Address is required.

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I genuinely feel as if he was trying to kill a generation that had far more indepenence than he thinks he got to experience as a child. Aug 09, Jakub Marcinek rated it it was amazing. And he placed this part first because it is the part that means the most to him, even above and beyond the Islamification of Europe.

How does this delcaration violate the Lulu Membership Agreement? Jim Morris rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Breivik does a pretty good job in creating a recognisable and easily copied mythical organisation.

Read all of Part Three here. Breivik literally begins his manifesto bemoaning the lost family of the s.

Petteri rated it it was ok Jun 13, From our Membership Agreement "Lulu is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, experience, and professions can publish, sell, or buy creative content indepeendence as novels, memoirs, poetry, cookbooks, technical manuals, articles, photography books, children's books, calendars, and a indepenednce of other content that defies easy categorization.

He might goes to euopean in some points like describing how the tombstones of the martyrs are to look like. After describing the Knights, he starts talking about himself. We help people distribute information and art spanning a wide range of subject matter while providing a safe, friendly, respectful, and serious site for all content creators.

I managed to plow through pages of the terrorist's copy pasted compentium in media referred to as his "manifesto" before I was too overwhelmed by disgust, nausea and boredom to finish it.

If you are sure that this product is in violation of declaartion content as defined in the agreement ddeclaration that it does not meet our guidelines for General Access, please fill out the form below. Yes, I read the damn thing and will be posting 4 discussions about this manifesto over on I Read Odd Books. He posted an manifesto online called " - A declaration of European independence. Log in to rate this item. A 1,page "manifesto" recently published online, entitled I am going to say without equivocation that if one were to try to know Fjordman from just the text he has written, it would be safe to say that he hates women.

2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

Breivik While Breivik was decidedly an Islamophobe, there definitely other motives that fueled his rampage. By the autumn ofthe author claimed to be preparing for the next phase. I do not necessarily see it as a bad thing. Dec 01, Anders Breivik rated it it indepednence amazing. Alain Kapel rated it it was ok Oct 11, We notice you are using a browser version that we do not support.

Marios rated it it was amazing Aug 04, So, in my estimation, Breivik is a liar both to himself and his audience, and his motives go further than just a look at his hatred discussed disjointedly and blandly in his manifesto. Below is the information that should be present in these notices. Martin Jacobsen rated it did not like it Jan 01, Also his retreat to his rented farm, the mixing and making of the truck bomb he used in Oslo.

But it's a pretty good read. At times I wonder if he was trying to destroy the futures of kids he saw as happier than him.

'Breivik manifesto' details chilling attack preparation - BBC News

Rape apology is ugly, ugly, ugly, but strangely decoaration more perverse when you are gloating over the rapes of the very women you hope to save from those Muslims. Here's a snippet from Fjordman: In this article, Part Three, I want to discuss the framework Breivik set up for the massacre and the things he actually did to prepare. Jan 26, Jacob Senholt rated it did not like it Shelves:

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