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Print Available Pickle Jar Versions. Dual and triple-screen versions are in the works! I'll keep at it as long as they want me to.

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This scene has proved troubling to adapt as a multiscreen view.

DB is Member supported! I've tried to go that route with "Harvest Moon", my first Halloween ish offering of Remember that supporting her also supports DB!!

Over the years we've moved from Dr. I modeled the "crater" using Medium to give the blooms a dark neutral surrounding. Honestly I think it turned out OK but it isn't really my favorite Autumn digihal.

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In case you are wondering, I added some foliage to this version as I thought the original while it worked for a night scene was a little bare looking for this purpose. I don't know how many more books Ian and Jason will want me to read as they get older.

We've been reading "Oathbringer" lately and a description of wwallpaper "cognitive realm" called "Shadesmar" really got stuck in my circuits. It's just something we've kept up even as they have become teenagers, always finding a next book to read.

The plant life was all custom modeled using Plant Factory. With Special Thanks To The camera is quite far from the trees here an I think the intervening haze mutes the colors a bit. Dual and triple-screen versions are available!

Learned quite a bit in Plant Factory about wind and controlling leaf color.

Desktop Wallpaper

I thought it would make an interesting challenge to render. You can't have too many Autumn wallpapers right?

Dual and triple-screen versions are in the works! Sure, some of the early ones look pretty rough as my boys have been reminding my lately but I think looking at the whole collection shows a pretty good cross-section of my growth as an artist over the years.

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Perhaps I will release the "moons only" version in the Pickle Jar? This is the best one yet, of a set of very good renderings. Hopefully the bits that show through are enough of a hint at what lies beyond. I AM still working on it folks!! This is the one he picked: If you look at my top Halloween images you will notice that the top rated renders can be used as wallpapers any time of the year.

Like many of my planetscapes this one started life as a space only scene which I then used as a backdrop in Vue.

Digital HD Desktop Wallpaper - Baltana

If you are interested in taking great care of your digittal please have a look at this page to learn more! I'll keep at it as long as they want me to. Harvest Moon Happy Halloween!

Digita may have one more Halloween render before the the trick-or-treaters come knocking. I put together this simple scene to test out how they look "close up" and figured it looked interesting enough to post in the gallery. There's actually quite a bit in the background but for now I've chosen to hide most of it in a dense mist.

I promise to get on them ASAP!! Print Available Pickle Jar Versions. Gallery or pickle jar? Print Available Hard to believe that I've made at least one Halloween render every year since

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