I hate this part the pussycat dolls

Girls Like You Maroon 5 Shallow feat. General Comment This song grew on me like crazy! As a result, the track peaked at number-one, becoming the Pussycat Dolls' third number-one single, [23] after " Don't Cha " [24] and " Wait a Minute ".

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I Hate This Part - The Pussycat Dolls - gpysports.org

Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? Views Read Edit View history. Jetzt Fan werden Log dich ein oder registriere dich kostenlos um diese Funktion zu nutzen. I can totally relate to you cheetahprintlove. At the beginning of the chorus, the girls start walking to the beat of music.

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On February 7, it fell off the top-forty after a thirteen-week run that saw it bound around the chart but ultimately never peak any higher than number twelve, their first ever hit to miss the top-ten. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone.

It colls recorded for Nicole Scherzinger's planned first solo project, Her Name Is Nicolebut after its cancellation the song was placed in the group's second album. Joseph Kahn [ 3 ]. Compact disc Mundial N.

Estados Unidos [ 42 ] [ 43 ]. With help from the Black Eyed Peas' will.

By doing so it has surpassed the peak position of the group's worldwide hit "Don't Cha" which reached number-six on this chart in I can't take it any longer can't take do this Thought that we were stronger All we do is linger is linger Slipping through our fingers through our finger I don't wanna try now try now All that's left is goodbye goodbye now To find a way that I can tell you I can tell you.

Estou animado com isso'. It reached seven on the physical chart.

I Don't Need a Man. More The Pussycat Dolls Lyrics.

This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat Am Lyrics Don't Cha feat. US Billboard Hot [72]. Select Silver in the Certification field. When the first verse begins, it shows Scherzinger singing on the jate while the girls are shown on the road with a broken-down car, waiting for a car to arrive.

There was an error. New York Daily News. Romania Romanian Top [23].

tnis Australian Recording Industry Association. John Kordosh of Yahoo! Bitte besuche unsere Cookie Bestimmungen um mehr zu erfahren, auch dazu, wie du Cookies deaktivieren und der Bildung von Nutzungsprofilen widersprechen kannst. Archived from the original on October 1, Contemporary music critics wrote generally positive reviews, commending the song's production and Scherzinger's vocals.

The Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part (HD) on Vimeo

Retrieved September 25, Remixes - EP [44]. Doll Domination — The Mini Collection. Retrieved February 11, During the second chorus, the girls are seen dancing on the sand in sync. Pussycat Dolls Perform on 'Leno partt ".

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