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Please enter your address. Development history Removed features. The general positioning of the power button is fine, but it's hardly raised at all, making it hard to find and press, in fact we found that we often thought we'd pressed it only for nothing to happen as we'd either missed it or not applied enough pressure. Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen , proximity sensor, ambient light sensor. There is an LED on board as well to tackle with the low night situations.

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Views Read Edit View history. It doesn't look or feel cheap either, just different and that's a good thing. With the HTC 8S the bulk of the phone is one colour, while a stripe at the bottom is another. It's a great and distinctive look, making the phone immediately recognisable no matter what angle it's viewed at. Plus, never be without your content again—photos, documents and more are easily accessible on your free 7GB SkyDrive account.

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There is an LED on board as well to tackle 8w the low night phpne. Above it there's HTC's logo and a speaker, while below it there's the iconic stripe adorned with three soft touch buttons, specifically home, back and search. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Instead the little stripe at the bottom is removable and gives you access to the microSD card slot and the micro SIM.

It doesn't do a terrible job of anything but it also struggles to stand out. Include Mobile Screen Protecter for just Rs. Despite that it doesn't seem flimsy.

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HTC have been a major Windows Phone player for a while now, arguably second only to Nokia 8ss their output. Stay connected while charging your phone less than other phones—thanks to the 1GHz dual-core processor for powerful performance and an optimized battery.

Please enter your city. Great processor, great battery The HTC 8S comes equipped with a powerful dual core procesor along with an optimized battery.

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It's going to fall seriously short with anyone who is looking to really push the Windows Phone 8 platform. The left edge has absolutely no buttons or ports on it. It's also not as flimsy as some covers, so there's little worry of it breaking when you try to take it off.

G-Sensor Proximity sensor Ambient light sensor. HTC have again stamped their logo in silver onto the back of the phone - this time much bigger. The only potentially disappointing spec is its 1, mAh battery, which seems a little on the small side, but it's around the same size as the one in the bigger and more powerful Samsung Galaxy S2 and that holds up well enough. The specs confirm its position as a mid range handset.

Above it you'll find the 5 megapixel camera lens, while below it there's a logo for 'Beats' audio, below that a speaker and below that the coloured stripe. The front of the HTC 8S is dominated by the 4 inch screen, as you might expect. If you're set on Windows Phone 8 and don't want to drop a huge amount on a handset then for the time being this a good buy.

The first thing to stand out about the HTC 8S is its two-tone colour scheme. It continues to impress when you pick hfc up.

HTC Windows Phone 8S (A620e)

In other words it's got solid specs all around, which on paper are neither impressive nor disappointing for the price. Please enter your address.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Bright colours have become a staple of Windows Phone, but normally you just get the dindows colour per handset. This does mean that you can't remove the battery, which is a bit of a shame, particularly considering it's 1, mAh in size, but otherwise it seems a lot more elegant than taking the whole back cover off. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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