Gza 4th chamber

GZA] The banks a G, all CREAM downs a bet Money feed good, opposites off the set It ain't hard to see my seeds need God-degree I got mouths to feed, unnecessary beef is more cows to breed I'm on some tax-free shit by any means Whether bounty-hit scheme or some counterfeit CREAM I learned much from such swift cons who run scams Veterans got the game spiced like ham And from that, sons are born and guns are drawn Clips are fully loaded and then blood floods the lawn Disciplinary action was a fraction of strength That made me truncate the length one-tenth Woofers thump, tweeters hiss like air pumps RZA shaved the track, niggas caught razor bumps Scarred trying to figure who invented This unprecedented, opium-scented, dark-tinted Now watch me blow him out his shoes without clues 'Cause I won't hesitate to detonate, I'm short fused. Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: Retrieved August 3,

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GZA – 4th Chamber Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

GrandMasters with DJ Muggs. Liquid Swords Geffen In a retrospective review, Chris Smith from Stylus Magazine wrote a favorable review of the album stating "like one who tries 4gh catch lightning in a bottle again, they Wu-Tang never yet managed to make anything this memorable, otherworldly, and strangely beautiful again. Webarchive template wayback links Articles with inconsistent citation formats Music infoboxes with deprecated parameters Articles with hAudio microformats Certification Table Entry usages for United States Articles with MusicBrainz release links.


Describing the song's background and theme, GZA later stated "This was a short rhyme I wrote for one of my nephews. The lyrically raw track contains an electric guitar-laden beat and metaphysical imagery by Ghostface Killah.

Liquid Swords - Wikipedia

Sample appears at 0: Liquid Swords has officially put shit on lock. That's an astonishing fact when one considers the volume of chabmer he's put out this year.

After the cancellation of an appearance in Brooklyn, New York, the performance was rescheduled for December 13 and 14 at the Knitting Factory in New York.

A lot of good Wu-Tang Clan albums have been released over the years, both collectively and individually, but out of all the solo albums this may be the best—if not one of the top two or three. A lot of them had a grimy, rock -like feel to them. Overall, I mean, c'mon! Liquid Swords [Album Art]. It's my best album. The second single released for the album, was the title track "Liquid Swords," released over one year later on October 10, The Genius' eerie calm is a great match for RZA's atmospheric production, which is tremendously effective in this context; the kung fu dialogue here is among the creepiest he's put on record, and he chambet quite chxmber bit with stranger sounds and more chzmber tracks.

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Retrieved from " https: Liquid Swords Archived at the Wayback Machine. The first of which was "I Gotcha Back," released August 22, Archived April 30,at the Wayback Machine.

This is one of three songs that crowds always go crazy for when we do a Wu show. Songs generally take me two to three days to write. The track features gritty, surreal lyrics, simple musical variation, and an eerie-sounding, RZA-produced beat.

November 28, "Shadowboxin'" Released: Coker from Los Angeles Times wrote, "like a hip-hop M. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat This song, the guest verses, the video, the crowd response, all turned out perfect for this one.

Verified Artists All Artists: Direct Sample of Multiple Elements 16 Votes. But I can say that I felt the magic with this one. One of my nephews ended up getting eights years for that shit. Pretty sure that the drum roll and organ that comes in at 1: Beneath the Surface The album heavily samples dialogue from the martial arts film Shogun Assassin and maintains a dark atmosphere throughout its course, while it incorporates lyrical references to chesscrime and philosophy.

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