Blow me away by breaking benjamin

Wanting it back Don't fight me God! General Comment this is the best song ever. In , a remixed version of the song was released on Shallow Bay: General Comment Talking about the Master Chief.

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Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away Lyrics | SongMeanings

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved May 3, Alternative metal hard rock. General Comment this is the best song ever.

Xway second and last line his him crying out to God, "Why?! There was an error. Verified Artists All Artists: Ina remixed version of the song was released on Shallow Bay: Languages Italiano Edit links.

But he could also be cursing his enemies as he walks away, or cursing himself for whatever decission he made. Which means one thing: In the very beginning the verse, they fall in line one at a time ready to play I can't see them anyway brings to mind Covenant forces dropping in. What I think is open to some interpretation may be the line, "I will stay unless I'm made.

Blow Me Away

Ben They fall in line, one at a time, ready to play I can't see them anyway No time to lose, we've got to move, steady your hand I am losing sight again Fire your guns, it's time to run, blow me away I will stay in the mess I made After the fall, we'll shake it off, show me the way Ben: Blow Me Away song meanings.

We do not have any tags for Blow Me Away lyrics. Only the strongest will survive Syd: I am the shadow on the wall Both: Read my explanation to find out what that is.

Album So Cold - EP. Add your thoughts 78 Comments.

Valora - Single on iTunes". General Comment i love bsnjamin song. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

I'll be the one to save us all Ben You wanted it back Don't make me beg! Before back wasn't an option, because he had to lead his men, he had their respect to live up to, but now that their all dead, he can make any decision he wan'ts without fear of shame, he and he alone is holding his fate.

Breaking Benjamin – Blow Me Away Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Also you fight two hunters brutes and other enemies brea,ing the part you are at when this comes on. Views Read Edit View history.

Why not add your own? General Comment definitely fits the theme brealing Halo 2 great song: Personally I think this song was custom made to be on the soundtrack for Halo 2, everyone else before me has already explained why this is so, and I can't do it any better, so aside from the Halo 2 theme this song also seems to be about some futile or desperate battle, most people think its about Iraq or breakiny other actual war, but I think here Ben is just refering to a battle, what that battle is is left to the listener to decide, it doesn't even have to be a war, it may be somebody battling cancer that was just an example, I don't honestly believe this song is about cancer Whatever the battle is it is a group battle and written from the point of veiw of one of the leaders that explains the "we" and "us" used often in the song, and some of the instructions he gives makes him a leader.

This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat The last line bebjamin sacrificial, like he knows he can live up to what his men expect of him, even if it will change nothing, but he will have to sacrifice himself. Retrieved May 2, Breaking Benjamin — Blow Me Away.

The Best of Breaking Benjamin [Explicit]. Syd Don't make me beg!

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