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User reviews about Teracopy. With over GB of mp3 files this takes some time so any speeding up of this would be great. It is a tool that aims to reduce the time when you are moving or copying files. Ultracopier 5 years ago. Another factor is how Windows itself deals with these operations, and all versions of Windows have never been quite as efficient at it as they could be.

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Top 5 File Copier Software Speedtest

Don't hivh without your download! However, there are pastte of programmers and IT Pros that overwhelmingly vouch for this program. Which makes File copy much better on Windows 8 or 8. Standard pause and skip buttons are available. This transfer function is not the only one offered. I use it as a backup but could never depend on it primarily. Sojan 5 years ago. Depending on your copying needs, some programs are better than others.

Unlimited number of files, the internal file list stored on disk instead of memory. Download and installation help.

Always test target folder and request admin privileges if needed. I wanto to ask if robocopy not winrobocopy is better or worse than fastcopy over network copy?

Sexually explicit or offensive language.

Best Tools for Copying a Large Number of Files in Windows

All these factors above are quite important to perform a real-world comprehensive test of the programs. Your review for Teracopy. These icons are created as soon as the software is downloaded and installed. There are no other options to speak of and this tool probably functions best when you want to quickly send files from multiple locations to several different folders and then let it process them. Alex Chan 4 years ago.

The program will launch a window where you can select the target folder and the correspondent action move, copy, test.

Duck 6 years ago. One of its features will be: Better USB devices ejection. There were files missing on the second harddrive without any warning or message.

Anyway, you have to study the help file carefully! Hilder 6 years ago. In addition to faster performance, Windows 8 also handles file conflicts and other errors way better than previous operating systems.

Teracopy - Download

Pause, skip and verify are also present. Play and pause option Open source software Speed is limited With this software you can manage and resume errors Available for Windows 64 bits.

It also works with other coppy copier tools without any problem. Speeed 3 years ago. Denis 1 year ago. Exshail 4 years ago. It will improve things slightly but Win 8 is horribly slow compared to Win 7 and even XP.

But I have manually increased the buffer so that might help it.

You can walk away for 2 hours and you are sure when you come back, all files are deleted. You might want to give it passte try if you are looking for a robust and reliable software.

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