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Some options available to this screensaver, that the original flip clocks did not possess, include the ability to switch between a 12 and a hour format. Love the big clock These settings can be reset at any time.

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The premise of this screensaver is simple: I've had this white wallpaper displayed now for 7 days in the repair mode. Had to reinstall and it works perfectly again.

We recently tested it on macOS Sierra Installed the screensaver on my Win-Vista system today, love the retro look.

Clocks range from straightforward analog clockfaces, pendulums and digital wall clocks to unique and abstract depictions of time. Have a question or problem?

Download Clock Screensaver - Best Software & Apps

My Screensaver also randomly started showing a white screen, has been fine for at least years! Good to be a kid in simplier times and even better to be a big kid and combine the two! Filter results By operating system Microsoft Windows Love the big clock That won't work because this is a screensaver, not a wallpaper. An update should now be available to fix this problem for Windows I do love this screen saver, and have been using it for ages, however I recently got another monitor, so that I can have two screens when working.

Feel free to post any questions or concerns to the message board.

Flip Clock 1,x Free, for Windows. Mechanical Clock 3D 4,x 9.

Download Clock Screensaver - Best Software & Apps

How to remove a screensaver on Windows 7. I've been using this screensaver for year on Windowsand like others have said, today it randomly stopped working and only shows a white screen. Adjusting Flip Clock screensaver.

I copied the Fliqlo Setup. I wake up this morning to find that the screen saver doesn't show a clock anymore The bigger the screen, the bigger the clock. Is your question not listed?

Time Circuits 10,x Free, for Mac, Windows. Thanks for reporting that! It appears to be an issue with Vista and the latest version of Fliqlo. The update is numbered It's not bright or over complicated.

I get a white screen when my screensaver runs? The flip-clock is a terrible screensaver, when I downloaded it blocked my Mac, the mouse stop working and when it went to sleep mode —it didn't wake up— I had to force it to start again.

Never had a problem with this screensaver and looks lovely. Does anyone have a fix?


It shows a "reset" button but no "save" button, so I'm assuming it is supposed to be automatic upon closing. Any suggestions I tried the right clicking method and opening it through there and saving it onto my desktop. But sinds about a week there is only a white screen: I saw it on a shabby to sheek decor site offon the designers computer in a small space renovation

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