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Rudy the Red Nosed Santa --Play this mission a few times prior to your speedruns to figure out the times when the kids will smile. You save your game by walking over to the diary and pressing when the prompt appears in the lower left. Pilih slot 1 dan selamat, game Bully sudah tamat dan bebas untuk pergi kemana saja.

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Welcome to Bullworth --In the fourth cutscene Jimmy is cornered by five bulliesremember it can be skipped.

Bully Scholarship edition game save needed - Xbox Gaming - WeMod Community

Use that for the rest of the mission and the game. For more info, check out this thread. The app ID may differ in some cases. Eggs, however, are more effective on the classic version and Anniversary Edition. The Gym is Burning --Get the fire extinguisher and put out all of the fires. Pertama — tama silahkan unduh berkas save game tamat pada bawah artikel ini dan jangan dibuka terlebih dahulu.

This must editiob used if you're playing on a newer system like Windows 10, as the game will crash a lot. For those missions limit the FPS to Otherwise, it'd be wise to restart.

Bully Any% Speedrun Strats and Importances

Sign In Don't have an account? Showdown at the Plant --Use your skateboard while heading down the first two hallways. Stay a distance while you take the picture, but don't stall. Games Windows Pages needing references.

You will then be presented with a list of save slots, including any existing save games on your memory card. Go slow during errands, while still sprinting in bet- ween each one.

Bully (Scholarship Edition) Save Game - The Tech Game

If he spots you, he will chase you forever, without running out of stamina, until you get back up to Zoe, having the rest of the portable toilets destroyed. Complete the Greasers Challenge mission in Chapter 3 to unlock the greaser hangout at the east end of New Coventry. Slingshot --Three windows on the bus must be shot before heading to the football field.

Once you fight Wade on your own, repeatedly use the 3-hit combo until he can be humiliated. On the desk in the far corner of Jimmy's dorm room, after you've completed the Welcome To Bullworth mission in Chapter 1. Miracle on Bullworth St. After all that, save clubhouse if you have time.

Must not be used during missions as this will fail the mission.

Rescue Russell from Wonder Meats as usual, but run out as soon as he sees you and tells you he "smells like meat". Then run inside the academy building.

Select the slot you wish to save in and press to save your game. Get to the next mission before 6: Not taking chances and attacking all the nerds in sight on the spud cannon is a good strategy if first speed-running or would rather play it safe, but only eats up time depending on how sdholarship you are in taking them out. Ride it until you are at the first ladder to the roof of City Hall.

Defend Bucky --Use the one last firecracker, then finish off the first two Bullies with the slingshot or fisticuffs. Jika merasa sudah mencadangkannya, lanjutkan dengan membuka berkas save game tamat yang tadi diunduh dan silahkan extract pada folder Bully Scholarship Edition tadi. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That Bitch --Pick the lock quickly and get out of there towards the Pool.


Because you're a donator, you can have early access to our in-progress language system. Paparazzi --Upon entering the Girl's Dorm, sprint towards the showers before Mrs. This is risky, as you may miss it completely and, worse, fail the mission.

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