Christmas games for kids

Coconut makes a great beard for Santa and chocolate dots work for eyes. If you wish, you can also use individually wrapped Christmas candy. Can you escape the clutches of Slender the murderer? For Kids , Games , Icebreakers. We have three versions of this old favorite that kids will love.

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Christmas Games Online for Kids and Adults | Free at

The fun comes when there is one toy everyone wants and one nobody wants. Match up cards that feature Santa Claus and all of his magical friends. Here is a festive version of the traditional children's game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, perfect for winter or Christmas parties. You can take a trip to the North Pole, get cozy at home, or relax in a cabin in the woods. Don't have an account yet?

Or are you currently only in survival mode? Can you make it all the way to the end? Skip to main content.

Everyone ends up a gift, although not necessarily one they want! Assemble photos of happy squirrels and more in this online game. Whoever gets the most jingle bells in the cup wins. The more the merrier! Can you beat the clock while you match up all of the cards that feature classic Christmas icons like Santa Claus and Rudolph?

It gets more difficult every year, as the children get older! Jingle Bells is a fantastic game for winding down a Christmas party.

You can celebrate the holiday season with this fun and festive match 3 puzzle cheistmas. You can double or triple the following cookie and icing recipes if you have a large group.

17 Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids

Match up the Christmas ornaments, reindeer, Santa hats and other wintertime designs on each one of the tiles before time runs out. Find the games you like and save them to your favorites. Provide eyes, a mouth, and a black top hat for your snowman.

Get into the holiday spirit in this special edition of kics favorite room-decorating game! Christmas parties for kids are more fun with games. For added fun, include a few toys. The goal is to move a cotton ball across the finish line first by blowing through the straw.

Kid-friendly Christmas games entertain kids at parties and at home during the Christmas holiday. Aim and shoot the colored bubble at the same colored bubble to remove a row of three or more. If a cotton ball falls off the spoon and onto the floor, it must be left on the floor.

The first person on each team uses a plastic spoon to transfer cotton balls from a full bucket on one side of the room to an empty bucket on the other side. Put sheets of parchment paper on cookie sheets for decorated cookies so the icing can set.

Are you an existing user? Whatever activity you choose, fun is guaranteed! Clear the screen with solid rows of colored blocks. Adhere a piece of double-sided tape to each nose.

Beat in corn syrup and almond or vanilla extract until icing is smooth and glossy. Provide some sugar sprinkles and other Christmas cookie decorating toppings.

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