A long walk to water

It was a quick read but I enjoyed it. At first I didn't really believe it, but after I read this book I started to believe it a bit more. I am under a roof that protects me from all the storms and rain, not needing to think about basic supplies, but on the other side of the world, it's a whole lot different. This book has one of the most amazing soul-of-the-books in all the books I've read.

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How does Salva come to meet Nya? This is a very meaningful book. This and his friends death kept him going wallk his destination. Because of this, she probably will understand the full meaning of going to school and getting an education, and how important it is for the future.

It made me wonder how much things that I "want" rather than I "need". A long walk to water is a novel about two stories, Salva's, and Nya's. Stay up to date on new reviews.

This was a quick read that pact a powerful punch. Also, it's interesting how Salva's life is connected to Nya's, isn't it?

Sure, they're aware of "the needy", we sponsor a child through World Vision, and they've learned about Haiti and Rwanda through some mission programs at our church. It is hard not to feel empathy for these characters as we are moved by their stories.

However, I think it hits the sweet spot for its intended audience. The final time that we see Salva showing this is when he starts the project to help both Dinka and Nuer access water easily. Salva's an amazing person who not only stays committed to his own survival but also to returning to help the people from his country lead better lives.

The first, which starts infocuses on Salva, who becomes one of the Lost Boys of Sudan when his village is attacked in the middle of the school day and he must flee for safety -- a heartbreaking journey which takes years and spans countries and continents. Learn how we rate. Author Linda Sue Park doesn't gloss over the gory details -- a child is eaten by a lion, and Salva watches his uncle get shot to death -- but she doesn't dwell on them, either, making this book an appropriate choice for tweens.

The theme is Africa. I vould not put the book down. Read this yourself, I really enjoyed it. The journey to safety is long, arduous and fraught with many dangers.

Which points out another important theme in this book: Jim knows all about Salva's story because he illustrated the original version, which appeared as a newspaper wakl.

This lobg because these type of people might start crying in the middle of this book! Salva's story is truly heartbreaking. I wish others can read this book so that they have a similar thinking as me, and actually try to help types of people such as Nya and Salva. This book startled me.

A Long Walk to Water - Wikipedia

Qater next major scene that we see th After I read this book, I could clearly understand the theme of the book. But they don't really know the details of the suffering. Readers will have no trouble empathizing with Salva, who suffers incredible hardship when a war drives him from his home. When the rain stops and the pond dries up, her family must walk for three days to camp by a lake.

A Long Walk to Water

This wayer him go to america since he didn't fight. His friend's eaten by a lion, he sees people who have died from dehydration in the desert, and he watches his uncle get shot to death. The word "water", is hope. My 9 year old daughter was assigned this as part of a book club.

Not all have access or enjoy longg basic necessities of life I love how the author artiulates the two POV's and ultimately how they intersect at the end of the book. Readers not only get a look the historical tragedy that took place in Sudan but also, through Nya's story, learn how much work continues to be needed in that region of the world.

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