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I have a Garmin nuvi W, Software ver: I pushed the standard SD into the slot, figuring that if it was oriented wrong, it wouldnt go. Tim - March 13th, Can one purchase the lifetime updates for these units? The Nuvi series only displays four results per page, but includes the street address but not town in smaller print below the title.

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I bought the Garmin Nuvit a number of months ago. Mickey - June 14th, Jim - November 27th, As soon as i unplug the charger it restarts and works fine any help any1 Thanks.

My Nuvi s seems to only allow me to input destinations that are within the state where the GPS is currently sitting. See gramin thread on Why does the Nuvi keep trying to take me on back roads?

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Marc - January 4th, I have a nuvi I have purchased the nuvi What must I do? After which we could not solve the problem. It finds a different route to every call even if there is a better route.

Jim - November 27th, Use the MapInstall program. I bought the lifetime map update. Mickey, it should work regardless of location.

I just got my W and I wonder if it is better to leave it plugged into the ciagarette lighter all the time or remove it. The right side and bottom have no buttons or connectors. Jeff A - July 19th, I thought I could enter some othe city and get a list of motels or other POI.

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Can anyone help pls. For a month, I had not heared a word from garmkn. Type of unit area, distance, speed, temperature, garmij, weight From and to unit Given value and result Back; Clear input. Carl - June 13th, Hi Carl, I had this same question—see post It guides me to a location where the restaurant is NOT located.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Need unit that uses MY route. In RE to post and the other posts listed in the reply on that post… I purchased the car charger from buy.

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Steve - December 26th, How do I know if I received the latest upgraded? Likewise, you can still browse those maps when you are not in the UK. Huvi - September 6th, I have that problem too. It has an absolutely amazing screen, the voice prompts are easy to interpret, and the map is very easy to follow.

Thank you for any help!

I hope to recieve a call or an email. I want to update my maps. Tim - May 8th, I have a Garmin Nuvi

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