Big spender remix

Alright, Okay, You Win. We'll have things fixed soon. Let's Fall In Love.

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It's A Wonderful World.

Big Spender Lyrics [Chorus: Verified Artists All Artists: Justin] Spend some, no one Can tell us how to do temix if we livin' top gun All fun, cause we attained height No flight, wait, we're still on the run Cause uh, we raise bars, raise the the whole clique from under the radar Go far till we raise spfnder roofs and raise bets on race cars Underrated, I guess mom raised a young star Admit it, tip be so vintage Girl be so classy, thick like acrylic Polished and finished, her denim so faded They checkin her out, cause they all wanna mimic Like damnIma rfmix in with the team Lookin' all mean they'll have something to say Competitive girls with american dreams But I'm livin' it young like I'm Dorian Gray Snapshots, go picture that Doubt us, you're lost, you'll need a map You trippin', and soon enough you'll fall down then we'll laugh and slowly clap Up the ranks, model that thing like Tyra Banks Draw a perfect blg, while they draw a blank The good life said "you're welcome", so I'm like "thanks" [Chorus: Produced by Jay Beats.

Let's Fall In Love.

We'll have things fixed soon. Neal] Blind sided, right timing Room filled to the ceiling with the finest Champagne bottles and the brightest diamonds We all gon' be shining Designers designing outfits for the crew imported from Peru Money to blow and nothing to lose And Jordan shoes that are truer than blue Finest suites in the hotel Girls looking like Lana Del Reyyou know they gon' stay We diggin the way they kiss and dont tell Classy women, YSL French tip nails, she dress well So we sip Coronas remic patios Like we down in Mexico Who's spenver, who's she, who's she with them thighs so fine Showin' them off in the summer time 30 plus, that summer weather 20 shots, I should know better I'm young man, so that shit's whatever She 21, speender forever [Chorus: Alright, Okay, You Win.

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So let me get right to the point. Peggy Lee] Good lookin', so refined Say wouldn't you like to know whats going on in my spendr

Peggy Lee] Big spender! Come Back To Me. Spend a little time with me. Full court press, we on that We on a roll, in the zone Dressed for fuckin combat Raps honour roll, we take it home And I'll take you home too, dinner for two Trynna impress, not trynna be rude Not trynna improv, I'm trynna improve So choose [Ending:

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