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Initially, Rockstar released a statement that strongly suggested that the Hot Coffee content was entirely created by "hackers". Grand Theft Auto series. Hot Coffee is a normally inaccessible mini-game in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Users of version 2. San Andreas in

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Retrieved 15 September Contents [ show ]. San Andreaswith some politicians firing harsh words at both the game's developer and the Entertainment Software Rating Board ESRBthe organization which establishes cooffee ratings for video games in North America. SAwhich omitted the sexual mini-game content, was designed by Rockstar to crash if the game data files were modified. SAshould they decide to keep selling the original product. List of controversial video fta List of banned video games List of regionally censored video games Religion and video games Video game content rating system.

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How To 9 messages. Initially, Rockstar released a statement that strongly suggested that the Hot Coffee content was entirely created by "hackers".

Grand Theft Auto series. Atleast tell us what needs to be censored. However, those who were over 18 or 21 depending on region have grandfathered these copies of the game to their collection.

Hot Coffee Mod

Given the higher value of the "uncensored" versions, it is doubtful that many gamers will return their copies voluntarily.

In New York, a class gtaa lawsuit was filed by Florence Cohen, an year-old grandmother who purchased the game for her year-old grandson according to the old rating of "M", the game is typically considered inappropriate for this age.

San Andreasplayers see an exterior view of the girlfriend's house while muffled voices of CJ and his girlfriend engaging in sexual intercourse are heard. This was discovered by several modders in It also rekindled the debate over the influence of video games in general andreaas new protests against several other games such as Killer7The Sims 2and Bully.

In the unmodified game, the player takes his girlfriend to her front door and she asks him if he would like to come in for "some coffee.

The mini-game portrays crudely animated sexual intercourse between the main character, Carl "CJ" Johnsonand his chosen in-game coffeee. Archived from the original on July 8, Stores drop game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Video game controversies Self-censorship controversies Obscenity controversies in video gaming.

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Archived from the original on 25 November See Cofffe guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Rockstar was forced to permanently remove this feature and they soon released a non-modifiable 2nd edition of GTA San Andreas, which regained the M rating. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Coffe, the patch also disabled the controversial "Hot Coffee" scenes, even if the "Hot Coffee" mod was re-installed. List of Easter Eggs.

What about the Hot Coffee Mode? Retrieved 27 July Retrieved adnreas August Certain pirated or illegally distributed versions of the original game may also be made available on the Internet or from illegal retail outlets.

In the fourth quarter ofGts released this "clean" version with the "Hot Coffee" scenes removed Grand Theft Auto: Retrieved from " http: In Decembera settlement of the litigation was reached. This mod enables access to the mini-game.

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