Beach babe tone it up

I tolerated this one well. Focus is on stregthening your core abs and back — Summer Arms: Focuses primarily on sculpting your shoulders — Long and Lean:

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No… ; It is now my goal to try a Bar Method class before the year is up just so I can talk to you about it! Second, I love BodyPump but there are not many classes in my area. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be tonee.

10K Training Update + TIU Beach Babe DVD Review

Tone it Up definitely have some pretty decent routines…I love their workouts and blogilates are two of my favorite. It might not be pretty but Coco still loves hanging out in the fresh air with me. The time flew by because of all of the alternating workouts! At times I even wondered if this DVD was really made for women.

Alex Kenzie Life — September 5, 3: I otne my heavy weights at the gym! Charlotte Commitness to Fitness — September 5, 6: Well done on all that running!! I like the Barre3 dvds.

You will totally rock your 10K. What kind do you use? If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer.

10K Training Update + TIU Beach Babe DVD Review - Making Thyme for Health

I tolerated this one well. I did find myself getting bored with a few of them: I just went back yesterday and it hurt so good. I do the coconut oil treatment, too.

It is a little porn-ish at times but after a while, you get used to it. Today we have a tons workout for you…a complete mashup of our favorite moments from Beach Babe 5! Hillary Nutrition Nut on the Run — September 5, 8: I probably will never run longer than a 10k. HIIT Cardio with some toning 30 seconds work seconds rest: This workout is 20 min long and it allows me to get my cardio in even on rainy days.

I will definitely put your advice to use, thank you so much! Those workouts look like fun!

Beach Babe 4 -

I set out frozen water bottles the night before a long run! Somehow the burning in your muscles takes over everything else.

I love the Tone it Up videos!!! So, I thought I would write one for anyone else who might be searching. Barre 3 is next on my list to try!

If you are someone who is more advanced I think you might find the DVD not challenging enough. Tpne primarily on sculpting your shoulders — Long and Lean:

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