Htc sensation beats audio

The headphones have an in-line remote which allows you to skip forwards and backwards through your tracklist, as well as pause and resume playback. You can disable the bass boost if it's too epic for your timid ears, and it's worth noting that this tech even works on non-Beats headphones -- although the effect is drastically reduced if you use a cheap pair. But we felt that since HTC has invested untold dollars in Beats in order to differentiate itself from the competition, and since it plans to bring the this technology to many more devices in the US and around the world, then we ought to try to come up with something definitive and -- if at all possible -- scientific. However, if you're looking to download HD movies via HTC Watch as well, it might be worth looking into a slightly larger capacity card. Life in the slow lane:

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HTC Sensation XE

Meanwhile the XE took 11 seconds to do the same thing -- possibly because the extra Beats Audio logo animation takes a few extra seconds at boot up. For the sake of reference, the 3. They achieve this using soft rubber buds, of which there are three different sizes included with the phone.

In particular, we spent a great deal of time looking into Beats Audio -- far too much time, perhaps, if you've already convinced yourself that this Dre hookup is nothing but a gimmick. Post a quick review now to join the conversation!

You can disable the bass boost if it's too epic for your timid ears, and it's worth noting that this tech even works on non-Beats headphones -- although the effect is drastically reduced if you use a cheap pair.

However, just like with the original Sensation, the phone is frugal with power while it's idle and on a less busy, more normal day we'd still find around percent of the battery remaining when plugged the phone in to charge. We had some hands-on time with HTC's new European Android flagship a short while back, but it wasn't nearly enough to answer all our questions about how the 4.

Add in the bold red headphones with the Beats logo on the back of each bud and it's an all-round good look -- unless you prefer your gadgets to be more discreet. For more information about HTC, please visit www.

Established inBeats Electronics is the brainchild of legendary artist and producer Dr. HTC Rezound for Verizon unveiled: This latest innovation is the result of the new partnership between HTC and Beats announced in August and takes mobile entertainment to a new level with an amazing 4.

Stay tuned for the full review. Because the iBeats buds are the in-ear type, they create an airtight seal when inserted into your ear canal. That's unquestionably a good thing, because the earphones bundled with this device are easily the best we've seen with any mobile phone. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. From around the web.

Blue sensationn engineering Emmy for its Mix-Fi headphones. In other words, there's no forgiving fuel tank here; when the battery says it's nearly dead, it really is. What do you think?

We threw in the Beats Studios to mix things up a bit -- they're part of the Beats range but they're not officially supported by the XE. The coloring of the navigation button back-lights, the speaker grill and the ring around the camera lens all helped to lift this phone above the plain black and silver hordes.

We delete comments that esnsation our policywhich we encourage auudio to read. The Sensation XE is almost certain to get Android 4.

HTC announces the Sensation XL with Beats Audio | Android Central

Plug these boisterous bad-boys in, and the phone switches to a different audio profile, doing some clever processing senation to tune your music specifically to the earphones.

It comes bundled with Beats audio headphones and features a faster 1. However, when we moved on to the more expensive and more balanced over-ear headphones, the bass boost was matched by a similar boost to the lower trebles.

Join us after the jump for the Sensation XL presser, and stay tuned for full hands-on coverage and the official spec list. How would you rate the Sensation XE? The result of HTC's high-profile deal with headphone maker Beats audio -- run by hip-hop hospitaller Dr Dre, no less -- the Sensation XE comes packed with a pair of iBeats earphones that are worth more than many budget Android handsets. Aside from the bass boost, there's nothing else on the phone related to Beats audio, which strikes us as something of a missed opportunity.

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio review

The Bad Quite weighty; Android 2. No more fishing your mobile out your pocket to answer calls. Smart phone batteries are rubbish in general and most modern mobiles need to be beate every day, so we're interested to see if the Sensation XE can do any better.

Going beyond pure aesthetic charm, Sense also has some intuitive tricks up its sleeve. Pros Good build quality and aestheticsGreat packaged headphones.

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