Hari vayu stuti

Mukhyaprana, how shall I praise your deeds? None else can covet this supreme stature of Hanuman. So for a short while Daityas stalked the land and strutted about until Ananda Thirtha came on the scene to relieve the sceptic and started his mission of proving that Sri Hari's Sarvottamattva after attacking the Mityagyana and proving that their theory is illusive. In this Kaliyuga, under the tremendously misguiding influence of Kali, several distorted and deceptive interpretations of Vedas and Brahmasutras were propagated by several learned pandits were carried away by the enchanting flow of language and their minds were polluted and doubts persisted. It is absolutely necessary for every Vishnu devotee to understand intelligently and to believe sincerely and to deeply feel intuitionally that Sri Vishnu is supreme with all the best attributes akhilagunagana that he is the fountain head of all that is good and that he is ever devotionally embraced by Goddess Mahalakshmi and Goddess Earth Bhudevi ; who are twin forms of eternal prakruti.

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His profound proficiency has evoked even the admiration of Sharada. Possessing this Virtue in amplitude, our Acharya stands as the greatest guru of three worlds with His implicit and explicit expanding of 'Dvaita' philosophy, supported and strengthened vsyu the rich texts in Vedas, Upanishads, Panch Ratragamas and Puranas.

Vayu Stuti

The Vedas unequivocally declare and proclaim that Sri Vayu is earmarked for Brahmapada for his distinctive merit. They have some very pertinent questions answers to which they humbly seek from you. The cherished goal of mankind is freedom from misery and attainment of bliss. Such a soul, attaining to that perfection is a true Mahatma. Mukhyapranadeva you are designated as next Lord Brahma You are worshipped by the presiding deities of Vedas-Shastras In the heaven, celestial damsels dance before your presence You have the special concert of Gandharvas in gods assembly Your greatness your deeds are treasures for the devotees.

Just as a blindman, haughtily insists upon composing a beautiful necklace of jewels of varied colours strictly in accordance with a given type and proves a failure for want of sight to distinguish colours so also undeserving the spiteful brains have mischievously misinterpreted the finest, precious and puresh gems of Vedic texts and have led the unwary illiterate masses into believing that Jiva is Parabrahma.

An intuitional belief is an essential element for sincere grasp of his fundamental truth.

You the great destroyer of enemies, bearing the happy and glorious name of Sri Madanandathirtha, you in your past two avataras moved about with indeomitable styti, destroying the ferocious, Gayu breaking their hearts with your terrific roar and flourishing your envaluable and unweildy mace, you struck awe-inspiring terror by downing vast armies to the ground with your incomparable promptness of action, winning applauses from the three worlds.

You have correctly interpreted the vedas and your keen insight has given the shastra the lasting charm applauded by Gods and sages.

This verse deals with profound devotion exhibited yari Gods. The surest path to achieve this end is to gain 'shastra gyana' from a well worsed fitting preceptor.

Vayu Stuti - Wikipedia

Our Srimadanand Thirtha is the third incarnation, seated and worshipped in his hightest pedestal all the sages and sage like sanyasins. You then fell prostrate at the Lotus feet of Sri Ramachandra who blesses you. All right minded thikers have rallied round Srimadacharya with reverential prayers to earn his Good graces for the attainment of Moksha.

I, the son of Harl suri of the famed Likucha clan A devotee of the lotus feet of God Keshava and Guru Madhva Have composed the prayer of Hari-Vayu-Guru which really Washes the sins, it is a garland of flowers in the form of words Those who worship the feet of God Keshava and Guru Anandateertha Can use these flowers and worship them to get redemption.

That the mount is 50, yojanas as distant from Lanka makes your feet almost bewilderingly wonderful. This condemnatory propaganda was undertaken in the spirit of retaliation and sincere believers in Sri Hari's Gunapurnatva, Gyananda swaroopatva, Muktha Shreyatva were bewildered. Challenged by Jarasanda, you fought with him with mace in hand and successfully brought him down without much difficulty and splitting him into two parts and threw them.

Goddess of Learning who is adored even by Gods and Sages as the Master Leader of all Lores, as the stuyi and promoter of speech to human beings by imparting and inspiring knowledge to expound the time-honoured and immortal sacred lore the Vedas.

The war broke out and you, Oh! The Asuras offered very tough opposition and fought desperately overvelmed with growing anger and you, Sri Vayu being more than a match for all their gigantic forces readily met them with lightening speed and destroyed crores of them with your powerful mace. Such is that adominable hell.

Translation One who is hhari present Sri Narasimha, your nails should protect myself and like me all others at all times. The whole family was plunged grief. Poornaprajna, Oh Anandateertha, my salutations to you You have been a devotee of the supreme Lord and Lakshmi And other gods serve you with admiration and devotion Seeing you and listening to your nectar-like words Gives gayu punya than the dip in the holy river Ganga You remove our fears and bless the righteous, we salute you.

Oh Lord Vayu, I bow sfuti to your first Avatara I worship Hanuman, the strong and sturdy God You burn down all the calamities of the devotees You remove their sin, passion and ignorance You always show ideal devotion at the feet of Rama Immortal, celibate, powerful Hanuman, I bow down to you.

Vayu is Sri Hari's Prathamanga and stays always with him. This sutti human feat, of your flying in the sky, with speed and your lifting of Gandamadana and bringing it in your hand, was observed by the people with awe and reverence. Some easy going and avyu people followed Sankara and hailed him with joy because each of them was crowned with Divinity while thoughtful looked asance and condemned Sankara's preachings. Their faith is sincere and sublime. You wrote superub commentary on Vedas and other scriptures Teach us harii about good shastras and wonders of holy works Because of punya of previous births, right acts, our chitta is pure We have the power to put forth the arguments with vigour Erase all the wrong readings and remove our distress Let us listen to your interpretation forever hereafter.

Sri Hari has placed you first in rank in the heirarchy of Gods and all the Gods, Sankara, Indra, Varuna and the lower ones are your servants. By leading the life of a confirmed celebate, he stood as a monument of selfless service to Sri Ramachandra who vatu adjudged Hanuman as the greatest Gyani, as second to none in his non-attachment to worldly objects, as the loftiest in his devotion to Sri Hari and as the best of Yogi's.

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