Don t mess with the zohan

Funny, but so stupid it's hard to watch. I know someone out there must like these things, because Sandler keeps getting the money to make what is turning out to be the same movie over and over again, but I must not be tuned into his comedy wavelength. Season 2 Doctor Who:

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Michael Buffer as Walbridge. The ideas and some of the individual bits in Zohan work, but the crudeness of the execution undermines the results. Go to Common Sense Review. Warts and all, Zohan adds to a beautiful vision August 26, Full Review….

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Lina So as Salon Receptionist. Roni Levy as Ephraim. View All Audience Reviews.

Funny, but so stupid it's hard to watch. December 28, Rating: Corinna Wiles as Boy Customer. Director Dennis Dugan knows his way around shin-whacking slapstick, and Sandler is mesmerizing. John Turturro as Phantom.

Pointless, extremely awful film that proves that once again Adam Sandler is one of the worst "comedians" out there. Mousa Kraish as Bashir. My husband and I should have. donn

You Don't Mess With the Zohan features intermittent laughs, and will please Sandler diehards, but after awhile the withh premise wears thin. Inappropriate for any age!

Based on 36 reviews.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui as Dalia. Season 2 Doctor Who: Zohan is a great movie for kids 13 to ! You Don't Mess with the Zohan Theatrical release poster. Based on our expert review.

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (Unrated)

Donna Feldman as Michal. Dvir, Zohan's mother Shelley Berman as Mr. New Adam Sandler film stars Mossad hit man turned hairdresser".

Hello in the faggala hole! Had useful details 1. John Farley as Tom.

I'm half Australian, half Mt. It has sold over 1. Billy Msss as Kayaker. Retrieved September 13, Retrieved 1 February This movie's scatology is all that most Americans will understand, but overall I am happy that a Jewish director such as Sandler got to lampoon the Arab-Israeli conflict to such a broad audience. My eyes and ears bled as I suffered through this execrable, vulgar, offensive and appallingly stupid pile of turd that made me only feel profoundly ashamed for everyone involved in it, possibly the worst "movie" of Sandler's ridiculous career.

Barbara Zihan Davison as Dog Owner.

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