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I'd like to see a built-in or seperate program to import other file formats, especially. If so, that should mean the regular non-truck version will be along soon. My eyes don't focus up close as quickly as they did in my younger years. Do you need advice on what products to buy? And I revised the version thread because now that I see your screenshot.

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From what I've seen so far, the interface is the same as the one they're using on the smartphones.

So far no problem. It installed, then a information box pops up and tells us to un-install the program from our other laptop which couldn't be done anyway. When is the last time you took a cell phone in to have it repaired?

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I would assume so. So it was 9 and 10 that were twin released one truck and one non-truck. This clearly is not good customer support.

It is an older unit, purchased about Use of non-sliding hitch. Never knew there was a time limit on it's use because of technology marching on. That is my input and as memory serves there is a version of CoPilot that is aimed livve truckers. I'll know for sure if it truly is v9 in a little while.

Wainscott, New York Posts: Byron, Don't feel like you are the Lone Ranger! It is a good record for the IRS.

CoPilot Live v8 Laptop - London Congestion Zone

I think part of what is going on is the normal shake out of programs and systems that occurs as new technology is developing. Is that still the case with the latest revision of v8 laptop?

Ricky We've used Co-Pilot Live copilit several years Primarily I maintain CoPilot because it is a solid, stand alone set of maps.

You can download maps to use offline and it's free from the Microsoft Store.

I've got the right drivers - other apps see the Pharos GPS just fine. Yes, the cursor moves with your location if it is connected. I downloaded the 64bit for the laptop which it is.

I guess I should re-install the program to see if it's actually still there in 10, or they just forgot to update the manual. It was part of what you have been referring to as "like MS Streets" type of programming. I can always deactivate it on here and reactivate it on the laptop next week.

We like the big screen our laptop has. Is that still the current situation? If you have the disc and old code try that. What gets most of us is the learning curve using any of the units. The good news for us, is our GPS laptp I have a Verizon data connection updates for weather, road conditions and traffic.

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I don't have any idea where you would take a TV to get it repaired, I think you would have to ship it to a repair shop, the old mom and pop repair shops are pretty much gone.

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