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Soon after the U. The game had sold 2. Operation Arrowhead was released in Single Player Multiplayer Campaigns.

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Problems with the site? There, they encounter a lone U.

Free from its database. With his MP5 submachine gun running out of ammunition, Winters swaps his weapon for those he finds on the battlefield, scavenging ammunition along the way. He is dismayed to find more hostile camps.

As a CDF officer, lead a reprisal operation against a terrorist rebel force. There was only one thing left for Lopotev to do, and that was to eliminate the competition. First-person shootersrma shooter. Archived from the original on 13 June During development, Bohemia Interactive stated at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that ARMA 2 was to have a "roleplaying feel to it", with in-game events affecting the character as well as the entire campaign.

The game had sold 2. One lieutenant is presented with the opportunity to form an alliance with a growing resistance but doing so may prove more difficult than imagined. The game has been praised for its realism, graphics, and the sheer scale of the game.

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After the conclusion of Operation Harvest Red inthe civil war in South Zagoria province has escalated into a outright war between the U. They encounter resistance from the vehicles but eventually eliminate the convoy. However, in the confusion, Razor Team is left behind as the rest of the U. You will insert by helicopter, destroy the AA unit, and extract wrma using radio "Alpha" to summon the chopper back to the LZ. This is not a typical solution which helps user to complete all scenarios step by step.


In preparation for Operation Harvest Red, elements of the U. At the outpost, Winters finds several dead bodies srma destroyed vehicles. Similarly, all aircraft encountered in the game can be flown by the player, with limited fuel and realistic weapon loadouts. Lead a 5 man spetznaz team deep into the forests of enemy territory to seek and destroy CDF Hinds. The syntax and interface have both been kept largely consistent with the ARMA misskon, meaning that missions are ported across games.

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You will lead a Marine Rifle Squad on an assault into an insurgent-held village where a mobile AA radar has been camouflaged by local forestation. The broadcaster apologised, blaming human error. Gaea Mission DayZ Ylands. This caused the remaining Chernarussian military forces in the area to retreat missiln the inland town of Zelenogorsk.

Shortly after the game's German release a 1. The helicopter engages and destroys the vehicles before proceeding to its objective, evading an enemy aerial patrol along the way. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Missoon Policy.

ARMA 2 uses the third-generation Real Virtuality game engine, which had been in development for over 10 years prior to the game's release and of which previous versions are used in training simulators by militaries around the world. Arma 2 uses different copy protections depending on publisher as well as a in-house coded copy protection solution against tampering known as DEGRADE.

Retrieved 3 May The entire campaign can be played either offline, misssion single-player, or online co-operative play for up to four players. The campaign's endings range from victory for the player, or to defeat, with the elimination of Razor Team by the victorious ChDKZ. May 5, Guide contains:

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