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As the queries were attributed by AOL to particular user numerically identified accounts, an individual could be identified and matched to their account and search history by such information. Privacy policy About RP Disclaimers. What that means is that it's possible to view the search terms that users of a single account typed in while using AOL Search during a three-month period. Consumer watchdog website The Consumerist posted a blog entry by editor Ben Popken identifying the anonymous user number [14] as having an especially bizarre and macabre search history.

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It was too late: Consumer watchdog website The Consumerist posted a blog entry by editor Ben Popken identifying the anonymous user aearch [14] as having an especially bizarre and macabre search history.

April 15, or tax day, happened to fall in al middle of AOL's published search logs. Here are some not-always-savory searches that user performed: AOL user appears to live in Cincinnati and is wrestling with serious personal and career issues at the same time: Retrieved January 28, Through clues revealed in the search queries, The New York Times successfully uncovered the identities of several searchers.

Retrieved August 12, Not if you're an aspiring true crime writer, as user seems searh be: AOL did not identify users in the report; however, personally identifiable information was present in many of the queries.

This is what AOL user typed in over a three-month period: Whoever wrote that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned had clearly never experienced the Internet. Why 5G is out of reach for more people than you think.

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But a few, like userseemed to look for nothing but. It could be used for personalization, query reformulation or other types of search research.

User 's ex apparently lives in New Searcg AOL deleted the search data on their site by August 7, but not before it had been mirrored and distributed on the Internet.

However, by that point, the query logs had been uploaded by other websites and are now commonly available through a myriad of mirror sites.

If user 's search queries are any indication, she's a single mother whose abusive husband is currently locked up in a county jail outside of Chicago: The media quoted an insider as saying that two employees had been fired: The data was redistributed by others and can still be downloaded from mirror sites. Archived from the original on August 13, One poor sap, AOL userappears to have been preoccupied with two things: For a three-month period, AOL userapparently a resident of the greater Boston area, was searching for little else.

Tech Industry AOL's disturbing glimpse into users' lives Release of three-month search histories of aboutusers provides rare glimpse into their private lives. If you are offended by sexually explicit language you should not read through this data.

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After massive protests about privacy violations, AOL retracted the dataset and apologized. Views Read Edit View history. Inthe US government demanded search query logs from all the major internet indexing services. This page has been accessed 39, times.

They spanned March, April and May. Most internet search providers provided the data, except for Lpgs. Retrieved from " https: User rarely used his or her AOL account for searching in March, but was preoccupied with one disturbing topic on April That woman, usertyped: Archived from the original on June 1, Retrieved September 13,

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