An ecology of mind documentary

His ability to see life from different angles runs counter to the intolerance evident in so much of what passes for contemporary public debate. The central mantra of the tireless protagonist, who interpreted the wold as an infinite set of relational events, and focused on the context of things above their singular form, has thus found a congenial cinematic form. Thomas Berry Portrays the life and work of the famous eco-theologian. The documentary continues the conversation he started among friends and acquaintances whose lives he touched. An Ecology of Mind is the first documentary film to explore the life and innovative ideas of this essential thinker.

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Docuseek2: An Ecology of Mind

It is really a remarkable and wonderful film. Family systems therapists are a rare breed, as we see the world from a different angle from most people and even from most other therapists.

It is the most enjoyable way I know to docymentary a dose of the systems thinking that our society so sorely needs. Through this film, Nora Bateson sets out to show that his ideas are not just mond for academic theory, but can help instruct a way of life. The general public will find an Eastern style of thought articulated by a Western scientist. Wrenched Captures the generations of eco-activists, from the s to the present day, inspired by Edward Abbey's passionate defense of wilderness in The Monkey Wrench Gang.

The film conveys [Bateson's] complex documentarh in such a way as to take us right inside them so that we see them as clearly as pebbles in a crystalline mountain stream. Nora Bateson Co-Producer and Editor: His daughter, now, in a quietly profound way has continued the journey.

For permission to use, and high resolution press stills, please contact Bullfrog Films. Pinning Bateson down takes a fair amount of effort. The Sacred Balance dlcumentary series that celebrates the meeting of science and spirit.

The documentary continues the conversation he started among friends and acquaintances whose lives he touched.

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The film is both memoir and tribute from his daughter, Nora Bateson, demonstrating that the most personal can reveal the most universal. Nora Bateson suggests that we must question authority and mainstream thought patterns in order to think ourselves out of this pathological situation. As creative thinker, he taught us that the language of complex systems, including family systems, is metaphor. Otherness, Meaning, and Information 'Nora Bateson combines imaginative graphics with fascinating documentary footage and illuminating interviews to present her father's intellectual legacy against the backdrop of his relationship with his youngest child, the filmmaker herself.

Bateson was a voice crying in the wilderness. One of a daughter's effort to understand her father who died before he could tell her everything she yearned to know, and the other through the ideas that Gregory Bateson developed for us to understand ourselves in the larger ecology to which we contribute.

The Sequel Looks at the influential work of David Fleming, who dared to re-imagine a thriving civilization after the collapse of our current mainstream economies and inspired the Transition Towns movement. His story is lovingly told by his youngest daughter, Nora, with footage from Gregory's own films shot in the s with his wife Margaret Mead in Bali and New Guinea, along with photographs, filmed lectures, and interviews.

He may not appear in the pantheon of most younger anthropologists, but his work was almost always precocious and indicated how anthropology could actually contribute beyond the narrow confines of the anthropology department I had the strange sensation of seeing and listening to a person on film whose work I excitedly started to read decades ago.

Coming Home Suzuki explores biophilia -- the innate, hereditary need of human beings to affiliate with nature.

This unique documentary will be an invaluable resource to the many who have drawn on Gregory Bateson's ideas--myself included--and to those for whom rocumentary will be an enlightening introduction. Encourage[s] viewers to expand our typical perspectives and exercise our brains in a holistic manner People with a holistic perspective who have struggled with the object-oriented categories of current academic fields will find support for their views and encouragement not to succumb to the perceptual biases of the majority.

People concerned about the impacts of human beings on the environment will find both an analytic and spiritual adviser You might also be interested in Citation Select a citation style: That the film accomplishes this is a testament to the filmmaker's artistry and her grasp of her father's subtle and unique style of thinking.

To preview films or license them for streaming, you must register and login. A Call to Save the Earth "A brilliant film about a brilliant thinker There is much footage of Gregory with his measured and eloquent English accent, as he lectures, and discusses the importance of understanding relationships.

Please inquire if you are with a K district or school or with a public library. David Sieburg Artwork and Animations: It's up to the if of us to complete the process.

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