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No documentary evidence is coved and the student lists numerous reasons, e. Your Personal Tutor is a member of staff assigned to you in order to provide the first point of contact heriot watt coursework cover sheet advice or assistance on academic and non-academic matters.

Search content Hit ‘Go’ to search. What information must I include in any Heriot watt coursework cover sheet Circumstances application? Late applications may not be considered. The Committee will take into account the following factors when considering an application:.

It is important to doursework that making your Personal Tutor aware of a mitigating circumstance does not constitute the beginning of the formal process.

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This is considered and evaluated by the Mitigating Circumstances Committee in the School. The application is considered by the Mitigating Circumstances Committee in the School. The student submits a completed application form heriot watt coursework cover sheet consideration of mitigating circumstances together with a medical certificate. This is because information which is withheld from the Mitigating Circumstances Committee or Exam Board will not normally be admissible during any subsequent appeal against the Committee or Board’s original decision.

Check in the policy that the circumstances are acceptable grounds heriot watt coursework cover sheet an application; 2. Feel free to follow our Instagram where we post regular content. If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the Examiners, you are entitled to appeal under the terms of Regulation There are circumstances which, through no fault of your own, mean that the assessment whether examinations or other types of assessment has not accurately measured your ability or else could not be completed in a timely manner.


Find a new opportunity on our LinkedIn pages. Submit the application and evidence to the School office as soon as possible normally within 5 working days after the events under consideration occur and at least within 5 days of the end of the exam diet. Heriot watt coursework cover sheet weeks after an assessment deadline, a student who has not submitted the assessment, coursewotk for consideration xoursework mitigating circumstances.

Sorry, that page is unavailable This page may have been moved or deleted. The confidential nature of information provided in support of your application for consideration of mitigating circumstances will be respected by Heriot-Watt University in compliance with data protection law.

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The student is able to sit the missed exams at the next exam diet as the first attempt. Personal tutors may also provide information about circumstances based on meetings and conversations with you, but do not necessarily attend the Mitigating Circumstances Committee. Seriousness of circumstances Evidence presented Amount of work affected by the circumstances Any results achieved under the circumstances which are inconsistent with unaffected periods of study Upon submission heriot watt coursework cover sheet your mitigating circumstances you will receive an email from your School outlining the process.


Like us to make sure you stay up to date! It is an important first step in notifying the School of an issue which will likely affect your ability to perform to your academic best. You can submit an application to have mitigating circumstances taken into account.

The University Policy on Mitigating Circumstances in relation to assessment applies to all Courxework students and heriot watt coursework cover sheet forms of assessment and covers all modes and locations of study. It is your responsibility to ensure that this information accompanies any application.

Interested in a snapshot into what life at Heriot-Watt University is like? Student Wellbeing Services may, in addition, provide further supporting evidence.

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Upon submission of your mitigating circumstances you will receive heriot watt coursework cover sheet email from your School outlining the process. Stay connected Find out information about the University in a widely available and accessible manner. You can search for other content below:. Mitigating circumstances in relation to assessment.