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It's a massive breath of fresh air. The units, heroes and abilities of the Chaos faction are split between three of their four gods. In theory, the big change is that you're now commanding an army instead of leading a squad.

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They render the whole campaign easy, even on Hard. Just don't go in expecting a game that's slickly designed for large scale conflicts, because that's not where Retribution shines.

I mentioned the Orks earlier: In addition to the explosion. Kinky porno-god Slaanesh doesn't get a hero — he's always been the black sheep even in a family of pitchblack bloodgargling daemon deathsheep who burn in perpetual agony with the searing fires of the warp.

A whole set of late-tier abilities cause the enemies he kills to come back as Nurgly diseasezombies. The units, heroes and abilities of the Chaos faction are split between three of their four retribuion. It makes the individual missions more fun, particularly on harder difficulties. Nice, but at that point aren't you just shooting the enemy? Dawn of War 2 was one great fight, repeated.

The tactics that work — such as using your fragile melee units to bait enemies into large groups of heavy weapon emplacements — are the tactics that work for every race. It's a massive breath of fresh air. In theory, the big change is that you're now commanding an army instead of leading a squad. Frankly, the last time anyone went this nuts with an expansion was, well, Relic — with Dawn of War: Most games drag out in an interminable stalemate.

Dawn of War 2: Retribution review | PC Gamer

They have some fun abilities, as mentioned, and it's still worth playing if you're after a challenge. One of the six races is largely new to the game, the Imperial Guard, and they're also playable in competitive multiplayer. Even the units seem poorly judged: Then there's a new map and a new hero for Rteribution Stand, the superb three-player cooperative survival mode Relic added to Dawn of War 2 in a free update.

One of the most beautiful sights in the game is this guy squirting his horrible plague spreader into a fortified bunker, corpses falling out of the windows, then getting back up again and joining in the siege as zombies. Their commander is similar and their scout is the same, but they now have a Tech Marine hero who's all about deployables.

The other bum retributon is the Imperial Guard campaign. Retribution is such a beast of an expansion that there's room for some of its elements to fail without adversely affecting the ones that work — those being the four great campaigns, whether you play them alone or with a friend. Play through it at least twice. The Lord General is a terribly British chap who can call in free reinforcements for squads who've lost men.

Summoned units consume that just as much as the ones you requisition at a beacon, so that whole set of abilities is effectively moot. As it turns out, that's not at all what Retribution is about.

These aren't six completely unique campaigns, admittedly. It was satisfying, but by and large it was the same every time.


Formulae that evolve as you decide how to upgrade each hero, what you equip them with, and how you want to use them. Dawn of War's interface, zoom level and controls just weren't built for battles of that scale. But that campaign is kept relatively fresh in a freee way.

It must be hard to be a Guardsman. You're killed instantly — that's one of the worst parts of the job — but Spookums is merely flung by his own explosion into a bush. This causes him to explode. And if you're interested in any of these ways to play it online, there's the enormously welcome news that it now uses Steam for matchmaking and friends lists, instead of the horrific Games for Windows Live. Is that really something that needs to be unlocked?

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