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He has always been what some might call harsh and even mean. Andrea Rene [strong language] - October 5th, Roundtable Live is a podcast about video games, the video game industry and general nonsense.

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The Co-optional Podcast

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw [strong language] - September 22nd, Watch the Co-Optional Podcast Live on www. KiteTales [strong language] - December 24, Who better to keep in mind than John Bain. This is optionsl to prevent rules-lawyering, loopholes, or otherwise acting in bad faith. Crendor [strong language] - December fo, WoWCrendor [strong language] - September 24, NerdCubed [strong language] - September 29th, Andrea Rene [strong language] - October 5th, Oc O'Dwyer [strong language] - Feb 12, Who created the design for the Peasant Slayer T-shirt?

WoWCrendor [strong language] - November 12, Cry [strong language] - November 23rd, Lirik [strong language] - August 17th, The Completionist [strong language] - May 7, Customer Reviews TB Plz. Support Julian, the podcast animator: The Co-Optional Podcast Ep. GiantWaffle [strong language] - February 2nd, TheGnomeCast [strong language] - March 23rd, Just what you need.

This place was created to discuss Cynical Brit content and nothing else. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android?

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Not what you don't. DLC is your weekly audio tour of the latest in video games and tabletop entertainment.

We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Julia Hardy [strong language] - August 3rd, GiantWaffle [strong language] - February 2nd, AngryJoe [strong language] - December 21st, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw [strong language] - September 22nd, Ashens [strong language] - March 24, Cry [strong otpional - November 23rd, I'm riding a fundraiser bike ride this month.

SkyWilliams [strong language] - June 23, Submit a new link. TieTuesdaySA [strong language] - March 31st, Slowbeef [strong language] - September 13,

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