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Learn more about SureSync. Our clients tell us they are more efficient, more secure, and teams more engaged when they use Huddle! Web conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing and mor Learn more about Flock Flock is a team communication tool that helps you get work done, only faster! Learn more about Clinked Clinked offers customised cloud solutions for businesses. Sync and exchange files securely either online or through encripted emails.

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TeamDrive takes complete care of your mobility needs with the Android and iOS mobile apps and the desktop sync application. Send large files quickly using our secure business file transfer solutions. FileInvite automates the process of collecting information and documents from your clients. Sunshine creates your own personal network of connected devices and enables you to instantly access, stream and share files. FileInvite fike FileInvite 38 reviews. Learn more about Wimi Wimi is the most user-friendly and comprehensive project management tool for SMBs.

This is fine for small-scale file sharing, but what if you need to share large or numerous files or collaborate on files in real time?

15 Great Free Online File Sharing Alternatives - Hongkiat

Request a demo today. Learn more about vBoxxCloud Cloud solution that offers secure file sharing for business hosted in the Netherlands.

AS2Gateway by AdroitLogic 0 reviews. Learn more about FileShare.

Combine files, tasks, calendars, maps, videos and team conversation together on one page. Digital Pigeon by Sixty Digits 1 review. Learn more about OneDrive. Switch Secure Workspace enables users to store, share and edit sensitive content collaboratively, in a secure environment.

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MOVEit by Ipswitch 18 reviews. Filecloud is growing faster than Dropbox or Box!

You can upload files, then share them with co-workers and clients via a download link. With our role-based permissions and object level sharing, you control who has access to your content and what they can do with those files. Learn more about Folder Transfer Folder transferring software that allows companies to share files or sharint across network and send messages to other computers.

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Learn more about ExaVault We have the file sharing shsring you need to scale your business. Lockable templates protect your brand while letting colleagues make small tweaks, easing the workload of your creative team. Learn more about Jumpshare A work communication tool to help creatives share their files, screenshots, screen recordings, and collaborate with team and clients.

In a simple and fast way, send you sensible data with full confidentiality Learn more about BlueFiles In a simple and fast way, send you sensible data with full confidentiality Learn more about BlueFiles.

Box is a modern content management platform that allows you to manage assets and approval workflows in one place.

15 Great Free Online File Sharing Alternatives

We looked at these services' security protocols to determine which sites are the most secure file sharing services. And with enterprise-grade security underlying everything you do, Box gives you what you need to power a digital-first business. Regardless if you choose free or paid editions, cloud or self hosted, you get the same set of shafing - desktop apps for PC and Mac, mobile apps for iOS and Android, online and offline editing, document management with flexible access rights and more.

Learn more about Dropbox Business Dropbox Business is the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust. As an FTP file transfer service, it provides an easy way for you to send files that are too big to attach to an email.

Secure file sharing software with end to end encryption for peace of mind when collaborating on sensitive documents.

FileCloud by CodeLathe 4 reviews. Collaboration software designed to help teams share files, collaborate on content, communicate faster, and get more done. Cloudup by Automattic 0 reviews.

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