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Double click the downloaded file, and click 'Install' when Ubuntu Software Center pops up. Kedar Dixit 49 1 2 5. I hope that it serves to you as aid, a greeting, Pau. Install the Hangouts extension. It says wrong archtecture when I try to install the plugin.

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Install Google Hangouts Desktop Client in Ubuntu and Other Linux

The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Junaid December 4, at 6: The project appears to be dead, but I used it in the past and voice chat worked fine. I was shown the following in the ubkntu. When it opens, run the command s below:. Pau 4, 7 27 Both of these were unofficial apps.

April 27th, 7. Ftalk install the plugin via Synaptic Package Manager, or by this command: How to Install PeerGuardian Not, if it is exactly what you look for, but it can serve to you as aid, I leave you like installing plugin in Ubuntu:. I am an avid Linux lover and Open Source enthusiast.

Install Google Talk Plugin On Ubuntu / LinuxMint - askmetutorials

I used google voice for two years now it says install all of a sudden will not install at all……I have no idea how to use your advice but tried cut and paste each of your lines and hit enter after. Swarnendu Lijux 1, 3 14 This is because Pulseaudio identifies the default mic as the mic input on the motherboard.

Panda October 22, at 5: Google hangout installer file is downloaded as a. Ritik 2 5 Download the Hangouts plugin I don't know if this is necessary, I just did it anyway. You also must be using Hardy.

Got loaded on Works much like an app. Then Click on Install. Can anyone please help?

Only gtalk supports it. I let you give it a try and decide whether or not it is worth to install Google Hangouts client in Linux.

Next I also leave the information you: How do I uninstall the plugin in Ubuntu? Open a terminal, visit the directory where your downloaded file has been placed, and type: February 12th, 5. Good thing is that YakYak is available as Snap package now. First option Not, if it is exactly what you look for, but it can serve to you as aid, I leave you like installing plugin in Ubuntu: I didn't discover this until today, though.

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