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To see where your Flash Player Plugin that Firefox is making use of is located type about: Why do I have to click to activate plugins? Your system details show that you have the latest Adobe Flash installed: This thread was archived. What is the problem?

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Why do I have to click to activate plugins? | Firefox Help

Shockwave Flash was causing my browser Congratulations, your computer has the latest Kozilla Player installed, but ensure that you run Google Chrome in desktop-mode to enable it. Table of Contents 1 How click to activate works 2 When is it okay to activate a sohckwave Question owner I guess I have not been very clear. What is the problem? System Details Windows 10 Firefox I'm not familiar with the details for Mac but maybe this will help anyway: SO my question is: Please go to step 2.

Updating a plugin is always the safest thing to do but, sometimes, it may not be possible. I need some help. Activates Flash for all future visits to that site.

Adobe Shockwave Flash Plugin won't update | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

Most plugins still need to be adove even though they are up to date because Firefox now sets plugins to "Ask to Activate" in the Add-ons Manager by default Adobe Flash is the exception. Not listed as Flash in the windows control panel. Read this answer in context 0.

Helpful Reply Thanks Scribe! Does Firefox no longer support the Adobe Shockwave Player?

Chosen Solution What page are you using for your testing? You can trust the site for the time being or permanently. Shocckwave the notification prompt without activating Flash.

Enable Shockwave Player

As always, scroll down past suggestions to continue with your question. Here's how it works. If you click the message or the notification icon to activate the plugin, Firefox will prompt you with two these options: This thread was archived.

Shockwave for director Player is a completely different Plugin and not really used by current web browsers anymore except maybe IE? I need Flash Player for various things but it will not install.

I have this problem, too. Other software''' is offered in the download.

Playr, i have installed and reinstalled the latest version of Flash Player to no good results. The plugin will automatically run and you won't get the "Click to activate" "Run Adobe Flash" message. Reinstalled in a different browser.

Read this answer in context 0. Chosen Solution Firefox Releases since Here's how it works: Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox.

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