Frm level 2 schweser notes

We would be glad to answer any of your queries. Hi all, i'm preparing for my studies regarding Part II. Destroyer of Worlds May 21st, 2:

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But at least planning to finish the material helped me conserve more time at the end.

FRM Part 2 May -- My Love/Hate Relationship with Schweser

GARP books, most people I speak with have trouble with them. But of course everybody is different and you can decide best, which sources work best for you. I had many strategies, as can be seen from this long post, but I did not feel comfortable giving advice when I myself had not passed the exam was awaiting results.

I'm hoping for some similar insights as above too. Also a lot of concepts will be repeated in some way, so my advice would be to do a review, but keep it short and high level. Knowing this, I felt that reading the actual books will make me feel confident.

However, for a qualitative exam, there are bound frj be some questions, the answers to which are "direct quotations" from the original books. So its been 4 years so I dont remember anything from part 1 curriculum. I felt ok about the exam for a little while, untill I reviewed all the questions and realized that I had to guess quite a few.

I would take Fridays off from studying, just to enjoy with friends. I tried to keep them to maximum 8 pages for each section. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

This is especially true when exams are near. As DOW described, it was a tough exam.

FRM Part 2 May -- My Love/Hate Relationship with Schweser | AnalystForum

I think it comes down to the time that the candidate has available. However, the forum is not very well organized. You will need a quick-read guide. I suspect that most FRM candidates that are attracted to this type of exam understand this and are obviously willing leveo tackle difficult subject matter.

Others can also add their own strategies in this notss. Good luck to you. I just passed Part 1 and am about to start Part 2.

Hi Anshul, If I were you, I would try to get an overall understanding of every topic from part I, but not go too deep into details. Used knoweledgevarsity videos complemented by core readings.

I wish you best of luck for part II. There are people who passed using only the original readings while others who failed with it.

FAQ Before Exam - FRM Part 2 Study Strategies | Bionic Turtle

Cover may be different than pictured. A lot of this you might know already, but I am still listing what I feel might be helpful. Please kindly give me your advice in more detail! R Cash May 21st, 6: If you work full-time and have a demanding job like I doit might seem difficult to study after work on weekdays; but try to find time to incorporate some studying in your daily routine.

Additionally, if you struggle with the practice questions, you know that you need to read the material on that topic again. Plan to finish the material at least a month before the exam Plan, at least. I passed Part 1 in Novwhich was a bit of surprise to be honest! Working backwards helped me realize that I do not have much leeway in my schedule and that helped me to not take too much time-off from studying.

Mix it up, if you feel like. World of Books USA was founded in

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