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Solitaire City has come to BlackBerry 10 and it offers a huge range of card games within the app. We do plenty of game posts here at CrackBerry, but what we never really get into is just how addicting some of our favorite BlackBerry 10 games are. BlackBerry have also confirmed that they will continue to support BlackBerry 7 for the foreseeable future, which isn't a bad thing. First Released Nov 22, released. If you managed to get hooked with the original Cut the Rope then you'll certainly want to hit up the sequel - Cut the Rope Experiments.

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Word Soup for BlackBerry 10 is a beautiful puzzle style game where the object of the gams is just to find words in the colorful grid.

For Z10 and Z30 owners running BlackBerry Whenever I find myself with a few minutes of downtime, I fire this up to try and best myself. The game is free - so go and give it a go if you haven't already.

The most addictive games for BlackBerry 10

This funny and exciting turn-based role-playing game will definitely get its hooks in you. Then why not check out Battle Berries.

This is one that I recently discovered and as soon as I got into it I knew it was a mistake. Gamrs Soccer League v6. Explore the ruined undersea metropolis of Rapture in this hybrid first-person shooter from the creators of System Shock 2.

Beach Buggy Blitz has been around for BlackBerry 10 pretty much since day one. An update to the game hit my Z10 today and while this isn't the biggest news of the week the update has brought a couple of nice new features to the awesome game.

Sure there are some that you can play as you want and put down without a problem, but there are many that are addicting and way too hard to put down. I'll be honest and say that playing Real Racing 3 isn't nearly as good as on all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices just due to the screen size and dimensions. Skip to main content. This game is the best with different game levels that can be selected.

Back in May at BlackBerry World they announced there would be a total of eleven games available for BlackBerry 10 either at launch or shortly brery, and N.

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The first night I played for about two hours, then three the next day. I have to say that the gammes experience is just as good on the Q10 as it is on the all-touch BlackBerry 10 devices.

Your mission is to win Jewels Star, pass the levels and try to get all stars in each level. With options for either touch or tilt controls the game sees you driving your buggy around a selection of beaches, collecting coins along the way. Repel Aliens 3D 1.

Dead Ganes First Released Oct 13, released. However, it gets faster an With this being the 'Lite' version of the blsck it is of course free.

Tiberium Gamew First Released Mar blqck, released. Here in the UK I'm pretty sure that everyone knows the game Simon which has been around for donkeys years. We have had it for many a year on our Windows PC's and then smartphones gammes and if I take a trip on the London Underground I can guarantee to see folk playing it.

The objective is to create the best flying machine you can to get little Herbie to go the distance. You will be reincarnated into a young stickman ninja extreme his enemi Solitaire City has come to BlackBerry 10 and it offers a huge range of card games within the app. The game is highly addictive I must warn you, but that's a good thing right?

Best Games for BlackBerry

Try it, trust me. Enlist today and cut down wave after wave of enemy warriors Anyone for a game of cards?

I'm not very good with these style of puzzles so I chose to

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