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I like declarative way to define layout or authorization but then it's declarative way define MVC controller mixed with its view, why the heck somebody need it? Justin Beck, an ASP. We make heavy use of caching and caching providers in DotNetNuke and have already started investigation into a Velocity caching provider.

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If you've got ideas, find bugs, or think it's cool, leave a comment here and I'll make sure they get them. Could go either way.

Is it purely that the "webform" is a heavier base class?

If your computer does not have the update installed, you will be prompted to install the. I found people using html.

Saturday, August 23, 3: Knowing this, what I do in my ASP. We are using it quite successfully so far more than 8 months and i am pleased with the results. Generated images in websites is just a must have.

Download Microsoft ASP.NET Futures (May 2007) from Official Microsoft Download Center

It is posted on codplex for quite a while. Does anyone remember the asp: Here's a simple example. OK stop the nonsense.

I haven't found anything else related to Mvc. We do post the source code so if you're really interested, you can figure it out. Net and work at Microsoft? Damian and David discuss how ASP.

Have at it at CodePlex. Where is the documentation? Is there an official page for ASP. This is follow up on my own question: When it got pulled out everything that depended on it fuyures DynamicImage was pulled as well.

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It will be great if in future there will be possibility easily convert project to futurse site AND easy migration to MVC, that's really what I'm missing now. How should it feel? Put one of these GeneratedImage Controls on the page, and click on it Tommy - Heh, I've still not worked at Microsoft a year.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policy futurws, and our Terms of Service. Futures - Generating Dynamic Images with HttpHandlers gets Easier - Scott Hanselman

NET caching mechansim provider based meaning you can plug in another caching provider for example something like memcache. It would be nice not to waste a bunch of effort if we might end up refactoring our nrt infrastructure to use the. NET Framework version 2. There's a treasure trove of interesting stuff over at http: Even though, we do caching and what have you, we have had problems with performance, issues with accessibility, and problems with our integrators More episodes in this series Two days ago a new CodePlex release snuck up on the site.

Net, that if they found a reference to System.

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