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Upload images from your computer. Are there any apps that can take an existing animated GIF, and allow me to edit it? Just set up one more server. Most of our tools now also support WebP format.

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Have you tried one of these? What can you do on GIFMaker. Nov 19, We recently updated the effects section.

It's not exactly a cutting-edge file format! Either Mac or Windows would be good.

Please download your GIF as soon as possible, all qnimated your images will be removed after a few hours. A lot about that out there. An unpopular standalone program may or may not crash your system, scan your hard drive and files to collect your personal information, install unnecessary files on your computer, modify your system files and documents, monitor your keyboard input to log your passwords, access the content in your clipboard, gkf your network traffic, etc.

However, creating and maintaining GIFMaker.

Number one GIF animator for Windows

Make and download your GIF without watermark. You can also create advertisements for your websites in different sizes e. I'm still amazed that there isn't a single Adobe CS product that supports this yet. Press the "Create Animation" button to create an animated gif from your images.

When the new bugs are fixed, new features are added, you don't need to do anything to update a Web app, you'll always get the latest version automatically.

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A search for "edit animated gif" turns up lots of links. And you can change the number of times to repeat animation. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. He wants a solution that is all-in-one. I specifically want to edit every frame in an existing animated GIF. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question. Waite 2, 11 animxted What's the difference between Web apps and giv programs?

He understands that, but the trick is to get one that can extract the pictures within the gif, which is no easy trick.

Most of our tools now also support WebP format. Do you host my images?

Animated GIF Maker and Editor

Upload images from your computer. So far looking great: Time edihor make some APNGs! This question has been asked before and already has an answer.

Arrange frames, drag an drop to change their order, duplicate or delete frames esitor necessary. GIF repair tool for fixing corrupt or incomplete editod, and undoing optimizations some other software may not fully support. TV, LiveStream or social networking apps e. Now there are more color filters and new option to add second counter it shows the elapsed time in seconds making it easy to undestand where a looping GIF starts and ends.

We recently updated the effects section.

If you are using a standalone program, you need to update it manually.

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