Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs game

The main character in the game is Buck. Dawn of the Dinosaurs video game Video game Information. In this level Manny and Diego are trapped in a Carnivorous Plant. They then must coat sharp rocks with mud balls and melt sharp icicles in the cave.

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At the end Scratte gets away with the acorn leaving Scrat behind.

Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs Game - Play online at

It is given this name because they tip if you stay gamd long enough. The only ways to fail is if you get too far from it or if you run out of time. The first boss you meet with, the only threat there is is the bees. Contents [ show ]. It is the sequel to the Ice Age 2 video game.

At the end of the level Buck manages to distract Rudy with all the falling rocks, where Momma knocks Rudy off a cliff. It will charge at Buck, headbutt and slam it's tail down. In Egg Roll, the third is on a rock.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game)

Crash and Eddie say to Sid how he should be good about himself. They are also in the first Scrat level. These guys serve as flying enemies for Scrat and for Buck.

The player throws mud balls at the rhinos, which causes them to charge at Sid. To defeat it, they must go into the water. Retrieved from " https: Buck is separated from the herd and he has find a secret entrance to a cavern to get back to them. The gang then continue to the cliff, where the third and last crystal is.

In this level Sid has to roll three eggs down a hill to safety in a cave.

Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs

After navigating through the cave, Sid finds three eggs. Rudy appears in Rudy's Revenge and Skeleton Bridge. To get out of the cave they have to shoot several swarms of butterflies and tame vines with flowers on them.

One simply walks around and spits at Sid and it also hurts him by touching him. They might be Meganeuraan giant extinct dragonfly. Ice Age Ice Age 2: She goes after him, reaching him later. Ice Age Ice Age: Retrieved from " http: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has Spitting plants, Burrowing Plants, Vines and other plant enemy stuff.

Careful as he will pop up any moment and attack you.

But fights Shooting Plants, vines the resemble pea-pods, destroy the seed-pods, shoot and peel the petals off, defeat the flailing vines and destroy plant from the inside. Scrat and Scratte have end up in the jungleofthedino world.

He reaches a canyon where he has to fight off Guanlongs and a chasmosaurus. He slides down the cliff to where Manny and Ellie is. They are swarmed by hornets, dragonflies, shooting flowers and a few piranhas.

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