Gta vice city 100 complete save game

On the upper concourse area of the North Point Mall, in front of the store with all the sale signs. Take cover when you need to. This one is the white ramp on the building east of VRock. Once you're spotted on the boat, security guards will start shooting at you. After your wanted level is gone, you can easily cruise back to Cam's place.

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You ggta have ALL of the hidden packages! On top of the roof of the building with the red awning. Snipe him, and move onto the man in the securicar. This guy's inside the Vice Point Pizza place. It will fail the mission! Image One Example Map Location: They get you money, just not the asset.

To the right of the stadium, near the helipad docks. Mac Rampage 13 Image Where it is: Luckily, they only come in groups of two, so you just have to worry about two at a time. Then, once you get your new passenger to go pick up, pause, check the map, and map out the easiest route.

Gtq best technique is to do a drive-by on one of the cabs, and since they all drive together, it will set off a chain citt, destroying all the cars. From there, you can just outspeed the cops, and reach your mansion without much trouble.

Once you get back to Diaz's place, you're done. If he gets out of his car, he is only wielding a sword, so if you've got a good distance from him, kill him before he gets to you.

It'll compkete MUCH easier this way, as long as the chopper waits outside.

Also, a big-time competitor with VC Cabs, the vicd companies will often go to drastic length's to make sure they are the ones who come out cice top. Down some steps, at a building that's just a bit north of Kaufman Cabs, sorry, it's hard to direct towards this one. Take his Kruger, and you can use it on each enemy, then take their Kruger ammo, and you'll be fine. Back Room no real name Reward: For the other, repeatedly shoot its engine, until it blows up.

November 20th, 4.

% Game Completed (Savegame) | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mods

If you can't, just take them out when they park down near the waterfront. What it looks like: Once the last enemy is dead, and the path is clear, victory is yours. Mac, and any strong vehicle.

Gash - North Point Mall Image 5. Various Places, wherever the Phone Icon appears, after the unknown caller gives you a ring. Fire one rocket at each boat, then fire one on the pier area to kill all involved.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City · Mobile (Android)

I did some debug tracing using Code:. Just drive around the city, and turn on your music. That's it for Phil, once he's safe.

All you need to do is maneuver through several checkpoints in the air around the cmplete Vice City island. December 19th, 8. He's behind the wall inside the yellow abandoned house featured in The Chaseand you can only drop into this little area from the second floor. Ken will tell you about Kent Paul, and you will need to find him at the Malibu.

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